Moove over, Moo is here!

Aug 23, 2023 | Success Stories

Supporters of Greyhound Rescue might remember seeing the beautiful Moo, formerly known as Caliban, on an episode of Bondi Vet. He needed a complicated surgery on his undescended testes, and thankfully, the surgery went perfectly. 

Soon after, he settled into his new home with Katie and Keba, and quickly took up residence on his half of the couch. 

“Moo fits into the family like a glove,” says Katie. “While his humans don’t get a lot of time on their own anymore given Moo likes to be with them at all times, they have lots of fun showing him the world and adding him to their adventures.”

“They were also worried their tight apartment would not provide enough room for him but he has no interest in taking up space other than half the couch, obviously.”

Moo is a gentle soul, and loves nothing more than to be with his people. He’s a particular favourite amongst his grandpawrents, soaking up the attention when they visit from inter- and intra-state.

“Moo is a sweet and sensitive soul, always keen for a cuddle or lean on his humans or, alternatively, any human he can find,” Katie explains. 

“Moo’s favourite thing to do is stick his snoot in humans’ laps for perfectly placed head pats and ear scratches.”

“He doesn’t like to be left out of the fun or be alone for too long, and is happiest when included in his human’s social gatherings, be it in the home, at cafes, or the pub. He certainly prefers human hangs to hound hangs.”

In fact, Moo is famous at his hoomans local coffee shop. Not for his love of puppacinos, but his appreciation for human thighs. So much so that he loves to stick his snoot in any stranger’s crotch, all in the quest for pats.

And while his hoomans, Katie and Keba, are left apologising profusely to said strangers, they don’t really mind. Because after a year with Moo, they couldn’t imagine not having him as part of their family. 

“He has added so much joy, many learnings, tonnes of chicken, and heaps of laughs,” Katie says.

“I already identify as a ‘crazy greyhound lady’… they are so loveable.”

“Moo has picked up on lots of our training in pet life, much quicker than other dogs breeds we have had.” 

“They are such intelligent, sensitive and quirky creatures that will bring much joy to your life.”

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