Stylish Hound Advanced Snuffle Mat


Calling all advanced snufflers!

This one goes out to those pro hounds who are looking to kick the snuffling up a notch. Watch and supervise your dog as they dig into our brand new stylish, pocket design Advanced snuffle mats.  This is amazing for Nose Works training and for hours of challenging fun but do keep in mind that you’ll have to lend your hound a hand by showing them where to hunt for treats. Guide, point, open and start them off easy so as not to frustrate that talented snuffler of yours. Hey, all hounds have to start somewhere!

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Fun should always be had alongside human supervision to keep pups safe. Keep the product out of your hound’s reach after playtime has ended. Our collection is tougher than tough, top quality and fighting fit, but that doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible – play under supervision, inspect after play and remove if of concern.

50cm diameter

• Made from recycled fabric from waste and offcuts
• Repurposed as high quality polar fleece
• Backed with grip bottom
• Gentle machine wash
• Lie flat to dry



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