Toby (homed)

I’m Toby and I’m an older boy who is looking for someone who doesn’t expect me to do very much… you see I’d much rather spend most of my time snoozing the day away, get up for a snack, a bit of a wander and then back to bed again. In fact, what you need me for is making sure your couch doesn’t fly away, I’m a  professional couch ornament! What I’m looking for is a quiet home where I can spend my retirement years, preferably without any young whipper snappers. I love belly rubs, roaching, any kind of chicken snack -Mc Nuggets will make me putty in your hands (but I’m only supposed to get those as a sometimes treat – how rude!). I’d really suit a home with someone who can keep me company more hours than not – I can be a bit of a sooky homebody. 

A note from Toby’s foster parents:

We are the foster carers of Toby and have been fostering him in our small terrace home for the past three months.

Toby is a lazy old boy who loves to just lay on his bed near humans – making him perfect for a small apartment. He very rarely barks and never at other dogs or people (He once coyly hid from a chihuahua). Although he has the face and adorability of a puppy, he’s a sweet old sook at heart. Toby is toilet trained and if on the off chance there are any accidents they’re small. He loves to walk outside a few times a day and sniff the surroundings and find grass for toilet but he’s not a big walker so usually takes a few steps and heads back to bed- unless it’s a car-ride adventure somewhere – which he loves. He’s very good at letting us know he needs to go outside walking up to the door and sniffing at it.

I have students visiting including entire families with kids and they all love him and get along great. We do leave him alone when he’s sleeping or dozing but otherwise, he’s happy to be social or slump nearby in his gentle way.

His favourite pastimes include: Snoozing on the couch, sniffing everything, car adventures, being adorable, and dreaming about rotisserie chicken

Overall he’a just a gentle, sleepy, lovely dog looking for a happy home.

If you think your home is the perfect retirement village for me get in touch with the volunteers

  • DOB: 01.01.08
  • Desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption Cost $350
  • Cat Tolerant: No
  • Other Dogs: Best as an only dog
  • Child Friendly: No children

Toby is kindly sponsored by Nina, Luke, & Sarah.

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