The animals went in two by two

dsc007501Our two ‘oldies’, Remy who is 10 years old in August and Tassie who was 10 years old last January have been given a wonderful home in Jindabyne by Lois who recently lost her beloved greyhound, Rusty. Thank you so much Lois for giving these greyhounds a new lease of life and with the two together they are good company for each other.



Many people cannot adopt two greyhounds for various reasons, but if you can then they do like each others company, especially if left alone and are wonderful companions for each other. Linda, at Cromer also adopted two beautiful black greyhounds, Chillie and Mooch, who are like two peas in a pod and Linda would not be without them. So a big thank you to Linda for giving Chilli and Mooch such a wonderful, caring home. A photo of Linda, Chilli and Mooch will appear as soon as we have overcome a technical difficulty!! The photo is here at last!!


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