Roger and Tallulah

Vickie is Roger and Tallulah’s new Mum and Vickie writes:
‘Our Happy Little family
After 10 months with my gorgeous greyhounds, Tallulah and Roger, we couldn’t be happier. They are intelligent, loveable, well-behaved, and so easy to care for! Roger is a clown, the king of comical poses, and Tallulah loves her toys and as much cuddling as you can possibly offer. They don’t mind dressing up for holidays and they are so cute together. We are a happy little family.
They are such elegant and graceful creatures, and people always stop us when we’re walking to tell me how beautiful they are, and ask if they need a lot of exercise. People always believe they need to do a lot of running around, but I tell them that they are complete lounge lizards!’

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