Oscar has found his forever home in Melbourne with Rich & Lou. Here is what they say about their wonderful new addition….

“Oscar is settling in well. You were right – he is coming out of his shell more and more every day, and is already a very different dog from the first day we met him!

He is really gaining his confidence with us… and is making us laugh every day. He loves his walks, and has been wolfing down all his meals in about 2 seconds flat!  He has become very use to his morning walk, and when I say morning – I mean 5am!! Rich’s alarm is set for 5:30am, so he is just a bit off at the moment… but it’s hard to get cross with him when he is so happy to be up and awake… jumping up on our bed and giving us wet nose kisses and wagging his tail! We’ve tried to tell him to get back in his basket for another half hour, and he really showed us… jumped down, got in his basket, and started squeaking his toy! Very funny!

He is a real sook and follows me everywhere – with his head attached to my leg! He seems to really enjoy sitting on his mat when I’m in the kitchen cooking, and always dozes off to my ‘richard skelton’ album… (purely instrumental)…

So, all good… I will get some more pics through to you again… from oscar’s rancho relaxo!”

A happy success story for Oscar, a wonderful example of how a very successful ex racer can make the most beautiful pet! Enjoy your retirement lovely boy.

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