Opie (adopted)

Opie has found his forever home with Deanne and family.

Opie was a save that you may have read about on facebook. He was one of two greyhounds in a Canberra pound.

Cindy who is Bobby’s foster mum co-ordinated the rescue of both these greys and here is Opie in a superb foster home with foster mum Louise and foster dad Matt with their 2 whippets. Thanks to all involved in saving these 2 greys – a fantastic effort!

To my dear forever family, wherever you are,

Hi, I’m Opie. I am 10 months old so I’m still puppy but I’m just the right age… I am already housetrained, I walk very nicely on my lead and I am settled, but sometimes I will give you a cheeky puppy smile and let my puppy ears flop the wrong way.

I have taken easily to the house rules of my foster home, and I have even learned to sit for all my meals (see my proud photo!). I don’t mind helping myself to the couch or countersurfing, but I won’t do it if you tell me so. You just tell me the rules and I will surely try and please you.

I love company and I love knowing what’s going on. I am very patient and I am not easily rattled, even when my foster brothers are playing rough or another dog barks at me. I am so easy going that I could fit into even a busy household for my forever home, and I’d love to be with other dogs and/or kids.

 I love my ball and someone taught me how to play fetch where I came from. Isn’t that a treat!? I love my zoomies at the dog park and playing nicely with new friends. I love cuddles and snuggles with anyone who will give them out… whether my humans or my doggie friends. I will let you know how much I love you by leaning on you often and looking fondly into your eyes.

Please ask my forever family to hurry, I want to meet them and grow up with them.

Licks of love,


Opie is:

* 10 months old

* desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated

* adoption costs $300

* located in Canberra

* not yet cat tested

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  1. Posted July 7, 2013 at 2:25 PM | Permalink

    Opie has got on one of the coats that Kay made , the other one on a dog is not Kay’s. just thought I would mention it.

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