The beautiful Missy touched all of our hearts at Greyhound Rescue VIC – in particular Ruth, who worked her magic and helped Missy to become the confident girl we now all know and love.

Missy has found her forever home in Melbourne with Kirsty, Bryan and their two children Ethan and Isobel – here is their success story….

It has now been almost two months since Missy came into our lives and it is hard to imagine what life was like without her…. We owe huge thanks to Kayleigh and Ruth for finding us such a little sweetheart. Missy is loving and affectionate, loves to come everywhere we go, even a trip to school in the car in the morning, just as long as she is included for the ride makes her happy. Our family has waited many years for the right time to have a dog so she has been eagerly anticipated for a long time. Ethan and Isobel adore her and she loves them back. When Ethan is feeling cross, being with Missy calms him down as he loves to lay with her. When I check on the children at night before going to bed she follows me from one bedroom to the other and puts her nose right next to them to have a little check too, it is very cute. Missy is the model pet, if everybody had a dog like Missy they would want ten more, which is now my problem everytime I look at all the beautiful dogs Greyhound rescue is trying to find homes for! I love to see her happy Zooms around the house in the morning and the enthusiastic greeting I get after returning from even the shortest trip just brightens my day. Both of the children race to be the first in the door to receive Missy’s enthusiastic greeting after school. Missy is a dog in a Million so thank you from the bottom of our heart to Greyhound rescue.

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  1. Sue
    Posted June 14, 2011 at 12:36 PM | Permalink

    Kirsty your little story of Missy brought tears to my eyes becasue Ruth and Kayleigh told me how special she is and I have been waiting to hear how it turned out! I am so glad she is happy with you. I am Marcus’ new Mum (success story below yours) and I too feel a huge pull to rescue another grey and give him a doggy friend, maybe once Lauren is at school….
    🙂 Bravo you guys

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