Marcus (homed)

Marcus has at last found his forever home in Eltham VIC. Here is what his new family have to say….

Hi from Marcus’ new family: Sue, Paul, Alex (11) and Lauren (2 ½). Marcus has quickly fitted in, being a kind, easy going and dignified boy. He is also a big smoocher and follows me (Sue) absolutely everywhere (including the loo).

He is getting more playful by the day, bum in the air, loving to throw his squeaky sheep around  in the morning (see photos). He snuck down and onto the couch in the middle of the night last night, the first time he’s left my side at night and a bit cheeky!  Still loves running zoomies around our back yard at top speed with his other squeaky in his mouth, and joining Lauren and I in the cubby (very squishy). Marcus likes to come into Lauren’s room and lie down as we do goodnight stories. She loves it as he “scares away the monsters”. Really I think he’d run away from any monsters but it’s a good comfort for her!

I just love his soulful brown eyes and floppy ears as he comes over for a big lean any time of the day or night. His warmth I never get tired of. For those reading this maybe considering adopting a grey but wondering if greys are child friendly, I’d like you to reverse the question- is your child dog friendly? Are they calm around dogs, not screaming or too silly? Do they understand  they are the boss of the dog (Lauren often tells Marcus to calm down) as dogs are like horses- they know if you can’t ride. Most importantly do they understand the dog is not another toy to be rough with, do they know what parts of the dog never to touch (tail, eyes/ears/mouth/privates)? If all those boxes are ticked, you will find a grey the ideal friend for babies, toddlers and school age kids as well as adults.

They really are wonderful animals who just love us humans. I’d like to thank Monica and Wayne for being great “fosters” and teaching Marcus how to be a pet, thank you also to Ruth and Kayleigh for your help and constant support. Wishing Greyhound Rescue continued success. Enjoy the happy snaps.

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