Joe and Isi, previously Joseph and Susie


It is heartwarming indeed to receive these beautiful photos of Joseph and Susie with Nick, their new proud owner. Joseph has become Joe and Susie has become Isi after the Greek Goddess Isis. Rescue is at times very hard but these photos and the story below from Nick makes it all worthwhile. We are indeed indebted to Nick for giving these two greyhounds such a wonderful home and also for exploring their training potential, an aspect rarely touched on.

Nick writes:  ‘Joseph and Isis (Joe and Isi) already seem like part of the furniture: definitely part of the couch in Isi’s case! That glint in the eye that first attracted me in Joseph’s profile really does reflect his attitude to life. Tail whacking from side to side, he throws himself into everything and is a big, bold character, always willing to try new experiences and very quick to learn. Just in the last fortnight he has mastered sit, drop, stay and come and we have just start RSPCA ”Life Skills” training to see what else the keen hound mind can turn itself to.

Isi in contrast, is a little timid in new situations, always gentle and she truly is the couch goddess. She has a quietly playful nature; her favourite game being to grab the shoe you are looking for and take off with a “catch me if you want it back” look. Which she knows of course I’m never going to be able to do, especially hopping around on one leg!

It seems I needn’t have worried about my chickens as Joe and Isi quickly picked up that casual observation is OK but running at the pen is not. Now the chickens seem to be “ho-hum” and the hounds are looking for their next form of entertainment…..

Thanks very much to Peter and Jan for making it possible for me to adopt two such beautiful, fast(!),friendly and entertaining housemates.’

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