Jimmy and Maggie

You can see from these photos that Jimmy(previously Curly) and Maggie have fallen on their feet with John and Amelia, living a very relaxed life on the beach, on the couch and always together. Amelia writes:

‘We’re so glad that we got two greyhounds instead of one as when Jimmy first arrived he was quite lonely and unsure of himself and as soon as Maggie joined him we noticed such a change in his confidence, and they’re now friends for life. Maggie showed him the pleasures of sunbathing in the garden; running on the beach and wading in the sea; tug-of-war with their toys and not to forget hogging the sofa! Jimmy really loves being chased (!) and pesters Maggie until she is ready to chase him round and round the park at top speed. John takes them for a run before work in the morning at our local park in Curl Curl and I take them in the afternoon so we are all making lots of friends and they get a lot of admiring comments. Last week Maggie got a bit of shock when she didn’t realise how deep the water got in one area at Bayview, she launched herself in while playing and disappeared from sight. For a few long seconds all we could see was the white tip of her tail until she emerged drenched and happy to get back to dry land. Jimmy loves playing with his blonde retriever girlfriend Roxy and Maggie likes taking a break from their bouncing about to explore. You know as soon as they’ve had enough because they find a shady patch to lie down and watch the other dogs from. We’ve started training too but we’re still trying to get to grips with the ‘sit’ command!
Thank you so much for taking care of all these greyhounds and giving them the chance to have wonderful long life, not to mention our lives being greatly enriched by our two gorgeous loving dogs!’

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