Jillian (Homed)

Jillian is kindly sponsored by Margot & Sue.


“They say that good things come in small packages – my name is Jillian and I am definitely one of those! You see, because I am such a small girl I have to make myself heard to all the other bigger greyhounds, and the volunteers or else I might be missed! It’s not my fault I am petite! You know, everyone always assumes greyhounds are all big dogs, but that isn’t true at all. We come in all sorts of sizes….well…generally…sometimes? OK, so there is a normal greyhound size range, and I may not fit in a handbag like a Chihuahua but who would want one of those when you could have little old me anyway? I’m lots of fun,  I love to play and I am one pocket rocket when I do a zoomie. But when I’m worn out with all my toys and all of that I am more than happy to lounge around on my day bed and keep an eye on what the volunteers are doing! If I sound like your kinda gal get in touch with the volunteers info@greyhoundrescue.com.au”

Jillian is:

  • DOB: TBC
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption Cost $350
  • Cat Tolerant: No
  • Small Dog Tolerant: No
  • Good With Children:Yes
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