Freya (Homed)

Freya is in foster in Canberra and this is what her foster family has to say about her:

“Freya is a lovely, charming girl who is just waiting to lay her heart at your feet. She wants to be your devoted shadow, and is prepared to adore you unconditionally! She turned five years old in February, but in many ways seems like a much younger hound. She is alert and interested in everything. She loves to ride in the car, and sits (yes, sits!) quietly in the back. I think it won’t be long before she decides the best way to travel would be with her head on your shoulder. Freya is an athletic girl who thinks nothing of omitting the stairs and leaping straight from ground to deck.

Freya is making good progress in learning to be a pet. She is currently living with two other greyhounds and a little Italian greyhound. She has good manners inside the house, and is perfectly toilet-trained. She would very much like to be allowed on your couches and beds, but is very good about respecting the rules of her foster home, where this is not allowed! She learned her name quickly, and sits on command, which is always a good party trick for a greyhound. She has learned not to barge her way through doors and gates. She happily eats her meals in her crate, and willingly enters it to go to bed. She usually sleeps quietly all night long, but does occasionally mention that she would much rather spend the night with you.

Freya’s ideal home would be one where her person/people are not absent for large chunks of the day. She has been very friendly with all the children she has met so far. She would definitely appreciate having another doggy friend (would you like two greys? We have more if you do not already have another dog!).

Freya is:

  • Age: 5
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Canberra
  • Adoption Cost $350
  • Cat Tolerant: No
  • Small Dog Tolerant: Yes
  • Good With Children: TBC
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