Felix (homed)

Fearless Felix has been adopted by James and Isabella and now lives in Newcastle.

This boy didn’t have a name so we chose one that was popular within our Facebook community recently- Felix- and it suits him!

A very clever dog, Felix who just arrived from Blacktown pound wastes no time showing his talent and skills.  He is delighted to see anyone and bounces around like a puppy. He found the treats hidden in my back pocket and he was completely focused and willing to do anything to receive some; posing for the camera being one of them!

Felix looks a tad older than his two years due his George Clooney salt and peppered facial fur! Being a male, Felix is a larger boy- although a little underweight at present- but his condition will improve in no time now that he is in our care.  He has yet to be tested with cats and small dogs. His teeth are in great condition.

He’s a fun loving boy who enjoys his walks and exercise in addition to lazing around the yard and just relaxing with his pals at any chance he gets. A cheeky character will lots of personality, Felix is sure to bring lots of love and laughter to his new home.  His new family are sure to be very pleased that he came into their lives.  If that new family could be yours, please contact us today.

Felix is:

* 2 years old (born 2010)

* desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm checked and treated

* located – Sydney kennels Londonderry

* Adoption costs $300

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    Lovely boy!

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    I simply cannot speak any higher of Felix than what im about to. He is a gentle soul, i moved him, and Geordie today from the Londonderry to Riverstone kennels. He was perfect on the lead, was perfect in the car and waited for me to let him & Geordie out! Both the boys are shedding their winter coats so i spent an hour with each just removing the scruff and old hair. Felix loved his brush and would rest his head on my lap, or on my arm when i stopped brushing him as if to say ” Thankyou so much this feels lovely to have a tidy up”!! After the brush i gave both boys a tin of sardines which they both enjoyed, and should help their coats to shine! I believe Felix would be a valuable asset to anyone wanting a dog to love!

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    Well said Verity Spargo Shiner and thankyou for giving he and Geordie your time

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    Thanks for saving him….them, all of them! Best of luck with finding more great pet homes for them all

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