Billi (homed)

Hi, I’m Billi! I’m an easy going girl who already has a handle on this pet life as I’ve been living in a home for the past three years. I love hanging out in the garden at home and going for walks. I’m happy just to trot along beside you when I’m out and about. A bit of a typical lazy hound, I like to run for 10 minutes then I’m pooped! I do love a good zoomie though – especially after a bath!  While I don’t mind other dogs, I love being the centre of attention, so I’m best as an only dog.  Even though I’m a quiet girl, I will give an excited little bark when my people get home – just saying hi!

A note from Billi’s foster parents:

Billi’s pretty dog friendly and she loves to race trains – whenever she hears the ding of the light rail pulling out of the station, she’s off! It’s so cute. Then she’s worn out and just collapses in a heap! She also enjoys a good wrestle with her squeaky toy.

She absolutely loves veggie pig ears, chicken necks and her lovely cooling mat.

She needs to be near her hoomans at all times, if possible, and is happy to sleep at the side of the bed cos there’s not enough room for all three of us up there!! Using hoomans as pillow is one of her favourite things to do, too.

Her twice daily walks are her favourite times of the day – a jolly good sniff, lots of pee-mails and always with one eye out for those pesky cats!

She often chatters during her sleep, so I think her dreams are pretty exciting.

Generally, though, she’s just very beautiful (obviously), and very chilled. Like so many greys, she loves to be stroked, and will park herself right up next to you, searching your hand out with her lovely long nose if you dare to stop! When she’s spending time with you, she often just stares longingly at you with those big dark eyes.

And of course, when her hoomans come home from work, she bounces higher in the air than you’d ever believe possible, really making you feel like she loves and misses you. Then she races from side of the house to the front and back again excitedly until you open the door.

Do you think you’ve got some space on your couch for a sweet girl like me? Get it touch with the team at

Billi is:

  • DOB: 2.4.11
  • Microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Cats: Not cat-friendly
  • Other Dogs: Friendly, but best as only dog
  • Children: Older children
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