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Michele first heard about Greyhound Rescue via FaceBook and a talented photographer, Kim Talbert from Catchlight Photoimaging.

“Kim photographs equestrian competitions around Sydney and had captured some super photos of the dogs at Greyhound Rescue,” Michele said.

“I like the fact they have a ‘no kill’ policy, so every hound gets a chance to find their ‘fur-ever’ home.”

Michele said she sponsors via a regular direct debit.

“It’s just what I can afford each fortnight. It doesn’t cover everything for one hound, so I share my sponsored hound with a couple of other sponsors,” she said.

“It’s a well-run organisation and the sponsorship coordinator always sends me a photo and card about each new sponsored hound I’m allocated.”

Over the last several years, Michele has sponsored seven or eight greyhounds at Greyhound Rescue (GR). As each one finds a loving home, GR assigns her to a new grey.

“I donate food and blankets when the call goes out! I’ve volunteered at meet and greet days designed to introduce people to the joy of greyhounds. I’ve also made some wonderful FB friends, some of which I see around the traps,” she said.

“My current sponsored greyhound is Atticus, a very handsome black chap with a happy smile and soulful eyes. I have a soft spot for black greyhounds, as often they are difficult to rehome.”

Michele has her own black greyhound, Shay Da Grey. Through Greyhound Rescue, she adopted a whippet called Rocky: “We call him our honorary greyhound!”


Tonia became involved as a sponsor as she’s always loved greyhounds, but can’t own one at present.

She said her cavoodle Bayley is also nicknamed ‘the wonder dog’, because he was only supposed to live a few months, but is now nearly three years old.

Tonia runs the Loving Care Mobile Veterinary Service which specialises in compassionate, personalised pet care and treat most conditions within the pet’s home.

She says each sponsored greyhound is counted as part of the team and is sponsored by her business.

When it comes to greyhounds, she doesn’t mince words.

“I am very angry about the way these gentle, beautiful animals are treated in the racing industry,” Tonia said.

“I was devastated when Mike Baird went back on his decision to shut down the industry.”

She said sponsoring has been a good experience so far.

“Two dogs have already got forever homes and our last dog Dino is in a foster home,” said Tonia.

“I would love to meet our dogs and have more intimate contact with them, but that is difficult due to time and distance.”

Tonia says she would recommend sponsoring to anyone who was interested in the concept.

“It’s heart-warming to see your sponsored dog get a new loving home.”

“It’s also great to know that you helped them to get there.”


Samantha became involved as a sponsor after hearing about the poor treatment of greyhounds.

“It was shocked to hear via the media what was actually happening to these beautiful animals,” she said.

“My friend adopted a greyhound and I could further see how wonderful they are as pets, so loving and affectionate.”

Sam said her current circumstances do not allow her to have a pet.

“That’s why the thought of becoming a sponsor was appealing. I just chose to give what I could afford,” she said.

“Sponsoring makes me feel that I’m helping to make a difference for these poor animals. What’s happening to these animals is simply unacceptable.”

Sam believes that at some point things will improve for greyhounds, but in the meantime: “We need to do whatever we can.”

She says it’s very rewarding being a sponsor.

“Sponsoring a greyhound is something close to my heart, so if you feel the same way, give it a go,” Sam said.

Greg & Jeanine

Greg and Jeannine started donating to Greyhound Rescue shortly after they adopted greyhound Jack (above) four years ago.

Greg said friends and family sometimes ask us what Greyhound Rescue do with our sponsorship money.

“They know how much we love Jack so they are happy to hear we sponsor,” he said.

“We’d say to anyone thinking about adopting or fostering a greyhound, it’s a wonderful way to help these dogs which need a home.”

Greg said if you can’t adopt or foster, then sponsoring a hound is another great way to help.

“When we aren’t working, we spend a lot of quality time with Jack. We’re also sci-fi nuts, so Jack now watches a lot with us,” he said.

“Greyhounds are lazy, goofy and loving!”

“We wanted to give back to the rescue that saved our Jack, who’s now eight,” she said.

“Being a sponsor makes us feel good, knowing we are helping the hounds at the shelter.”



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