Hello! I’m Sasha, a cheeky little miss ready to steal your heart! At only 18 months old I am still a playful baby – I love meeting new people and toys… I LOVE toys! Especially if you have a squeaky toy. Oh boy, I LOOOOOVE those! I haven’t gotten to meet many other dogs until now – so I’m really a bit unsure around new dogs. I’d love a home that can take the time to teach me that dogs are friends too, just like people are! I’d also love to go to a home in a quieter neighbourhood so I can concentrate super hard on learning what this pet business is about without too many distractions. I promise I’ll pay you back with lots of cuddles!

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Get creative for Greyhounds!


We are looking for you talented folk to submit a design in the Greyhound Rescue 2018 Christmas Card competition. The brief is to create a greyhound-themed design for the Christmas season and will be sold in an assorted pack. Typically the designs are quite broad in style and we have had works in mixed media, digital, watercolour, pencil – whatever works for you!

If you have any queries or would like to discuss some design ideas feel free to email we are happy to provide feedback on any preliminary designs. The date for final submission is 5 Oct, 2018.

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Hi there, the name’s Jed. I’m almost 10 years young but just because I’m heading into my senior years – don’t look me by, I’ve still got plenty of personality and love to give. Besides, what are a few grey hairs between friends? When I arrived at Greyhound Rescue I wasn’t in the best condition, but thanks to the team at GR HQ and now my foster carers, I’m doing really well and loving life. Despite any setbacks, I’m still the smoochiest and happiest boy you’ll ever meet. I’ve also been a total gentleman with all of the other big dogs I’ve met so I wouldn’t say no to a furry sibling to keep me company.

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Hi, I’m Keely. I’m a sweet girl with plenty of personality and love to give. Now, I know a lot of the hounds that find homes are living it up in the city but living in a nice quiet neighbourhood is much more my speed. I’ve not seen much of this big wide world which means I’m looking for a home that can introduce me to new things at my pace and I’ll reward you with all of the cuddles you can handle! It would be really great if you had another doggo for company for me too, I’m much braver when I have a buddy to lean on!

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Hi there, I’m Axel. I am fun loving and playful, and looking for a home with some room for me to stretch my legs and chase a ball. I can get a weeeee little bit excited when I play, so I would suit a family without very young children… but if you have some teenagers willing to play soccer with me, I’m happy to help them put in some practice! Toys are definitely a requirement, I would buy them in bulk for me if I were you… As I am a sporty type I’d definitely prefer a home with a backyard so I can stretch my legs and get in a good zoomie or two.

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Hi! I’ve heard there are lots of famous people called Jimmy… Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Little, even a President… but you haven’t met the best of them yet. Oh, haven’t I introduced myself? That would be me, I’m Jimmy! Since I arrived at the kennels, I’ve been using my smooth moves and big brown eyes to win over the volunteers. I’m a sweet, affectionate and gentle boy. When I’m not lapping up attention, you’ll find me running around with a toy or enjoying a treat. I’m not too bad with other large dogs, but I’m a bit unsure of smaller kids and little dogs, it’s not that I don’t like them… I’ve just never met them before so maybe while I get used to them, best I don’t share my forever home with them.

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Hi! I’m Johnnie, a cheeky sort of chap with model good looks! As you can see – I’m really ridiculously good looking and I have the best buns of steel you will ever see and I’m not afraid to show them off. When I’m not flaunting my assets, I love food… toys… food… and oh, did I mention toys? If you have either of those things, I’ll be your best friend forever. Now, when it comes to other dogs I’m not too phased by them, in fact, I mostly ignore them and prefer to hang out with my people and focus on my toys and food!

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A big thank you to Innopets!

We’d love to thank Innopets for their generous donation of Lickimats and Throbizz balls for our enrichment program.

Paula, the lucky volunteer who got to distribute the toys said “The Lickimats were a hit, Kwazi had a few licks followed by prancing around with the Lickimat in his mouth as if he was showing it off to the world. The other hounds loved them, it kept them occupied and focused until the Lickmats were licked totally clean. The mats proved to be a great enrichment activity for the hounds.”

Enrichment activities are important for our hounds; it keeps their minds active and gives them something to do during the day. If you would like to donate some toys to our enrichment programs please get in touch.

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Photo Submissions for the 2019 Calendar

Call for Photo Submissions for the Greyhound Rescue Australia 2019 Calendar!  Submissions required by Friday 31st August 2018

We would like to get your feedback and photo contributions to produce next years Greyhound Rescue calendar.

We have produced a Greyhound Rescue calendar for the last six years and we would really like to know what you think of what we have done to date.  Please tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any suggestions or ideas you might have.  Should we change it or do you want more of the same?  Please email your feedback to

If you would like to submit any photos we would welcome your contribution.  You can email your photos to or via file transfer solution such as OneDrive, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.

Do you think your Greyhound is pin-up material? Please read on ensure you follow the submission guidelines.

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Greyhound Rescue are running the City 2 Surf!

Our team are busy training for this year’s 14km City2Surf – they’re running so the greys don’t have to! But if you’re more of a couch potato like our hounds, don’t worry there’s another way you can help! Sponsor our team and help raise much-needed funds for our rescue greyhounds.

If you’re already in training, why not consider running for us? Anyone is welcome to join team Greyhound Rescue and those who raise $150 in sponsorship will get a yellow Greyhound Rescue T-shirt to wear on the day.

There’s still plenty of time to join in.

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