Weekend Stalls

A week ago we had a successful stall at the Woof Fest, where the public got to meet some greyhounds, even if the conditions were rather muddy!! Thanks to Donna, Deb, Nora and Ed for organising this and it was good to see Trish with Willow and Rhianna with Sarah at the event.


This weekend Nora and Ed again did the North Sydney Market stall and raised $400 for Greyhound Rescue and we thank them for another great effort. It was good to see Willow with all his foster family, Jane, Isabella, etc, Joe and family with Greenhounds Sandy and Bear, and David and Janet who are going to bring Roy along next time. We will be at the North Sydney Market the second Saturday each month, so why not come along and see us next time.

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A Tribute to Charlie

Charlie came to us in 1999, before our greyhound days, when he had been a ‘naughty’ boy in a Rescue and was going to be euthanaised the next day. However, a friend had other ideas, got him out of the Rescue and asked us to keep him just for the night. That one night became 13 years!

In the early days Charlie was certainly a challenge but like them all he has been a loving pet who will be sadly missed. Charlie was the last of the 6 pets we brought back to Sydney from the UK in 2001 and marks the end of an era.

Today he passed away peacefully with his head on Jan’s lap. Rest in peace Charlie. Lots of love . Peter and Janet.

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Stall on Sunday March 4th

Come and meet us and the greyhounds at:


Parklands Woof-Fest

9am to 1pm on Sunday March 4th

At Bungarribee Park, Doonside Rd., Doonside

Parking and entry is FREE

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Family Pets. It does not get better than this!!

Jenny and husband Malcom with two children about 11 and 9 years old adopted Homer and Woody from us about 15 months ago. Then early last year they fostered and then adopted Puppy Sarah before returning about a month ago to foster Buzz who had been in kennels for over a year.

And guess what? You no doubt got it in one that they have now adopted Buzz making it 4 GREYHOUNDS IN THE FAMILY!!

Well done Jenny and Malcolm, congratulations from all of us at Greyhound Rescue, although perhaps you should not look at ‘Dogs Available’ on the website any more!!

However, this does illustrate just how low maintainance and easy going the greyhounds are.

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Weekend Events

The weekend was a great success with Nora and Ed raising $400 for Greyhound rescue with their stall at North Sydney Markets on Saturday. Luckily all this good work took place before the torrential downpour that made for a very soggy exit!!


The Mardi Gras Fair was also a great success on Sunday where there were huge crowds and a mostly sunny day for us to let the public know just how good the greyhounds are as pets. It was good to welcome foster carers Natia with Mary, Ann and Marriane with Ellie, Karen with Harry and new owners Vickie and Nigel with Jaz(previously Johnny). No one could miss Bondy 007 as Superman with new owner Vickie as Poison Ivy!! It was also good to welcome back Scott with Buddy and Alyson with Sarah while Brian, Jan , Nora, Ed, Sy and Elise also came along to help. The ever present and hard working Donna and Deb brought Jimmy and Lady and Dusty whippet of course, plus their home made doggy biscuits which sold like hot cakes! Thank you to everyone who came to make the day a great success.

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Sisters Sarah and Jenny

Sisters Sarah and Jenny, arrived before sisters Rosie and Madeline and deserve just as much publicity.

Like the other two, Sarah and Jenny are small, young and quiet and came from Hawkesbury Pound where they were handed in to meet their fate.

They arrived on a hot day so did not look their best in the photos after a cool spray, but now are looking very good.

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Today: Young Sisters dumped in the Pound

Barely two years old these two beautiful brindle girls were obviously not fast enough for the Racing Industry and were dumped into the Pound.

Rosie, the Red Brindle, and sister Madeline, the dark brindle, are lucky to still be alive as we have too many greyhounds and should not be taking on more. But we made the mistake of looking at their photos and who could say no to two such beautiful girls!!

We hope that they will soon find homes. Look them up in ‘Dogs Available’

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Lots happening…..watch this space!!

So much has happened lately, Buzz and Sarah have gone to foster homes, Rocky, Lovely and Johnny have completed their trials successfully, Sox has gone on trial, Bondy is going on trial, several new arrivals…………..

…………….watch this space!!

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A tribute to Roger

About two years ago Vickie adopted Roger and Tallulah and with her they became two magnificent greyhounds. Sadly we have heard today that at the tender age of five, Roger was riddled with cancer and has now gone ‘Over The Rainbow Bridge’.

In Vickie’s words ‘

As some of you will  know, Roger was a beautiful boy, full of love and life and a great source of happiness for me and many others. He amused us all with his comical poses like his legs in the air when he slept stretched out on his back, and was admired for his handsomeness: his gorgeous blue-black coat, velvety fur, and gorgeous golden eyes.
He was a Mommy’s boy, who followed me around wherever I went. I absolutely fell in love with him (and Tallulah) and in the short 2 years that I had the pleasure of having him, we had a lot of great runs, love, cuddles, and fun.
Tallulah and I miss him dearly, and I am absolutely devastated, as this morning, I still had hope he would get well again and by the afternoon he was gone.
Please keep his spirit alive by remembering him as the happy boy he was in these photos taken last November.
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Senior’s Week

The week comencing 9th January 2012 was the week we celebrated all our senior greyhounds.

Some of these beautiful greyhounds are still in kennels and at their age deserve the comforts of a home.

Can you help, either to foster one of them or better still offer a forever home?

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