Lucky Star’s Story

Miss Lucky is a 5 month old puppy who was discarded from a breeding facility on August 24th when her left hind-leg was suspected to be broken. Our amazing foster carers in Canberra took her in, and rushed her to the wonderful vets at Weston Woden Animal Hospital & Clinic, who established the massive swelling was due to a severe cellulitis infection, likely caused by an untreated dog bite left to heal over and fester.

Lucky’s leg turned septic that night and her body went into shock. Despite surviving without major damage to her internal organs, and the attempt to save her leg, our little warrior Lucky has now had a leg amputation as the bacterial infection has caused extreme tissue damage and skin loss.

Lucky is now a “tripod” but will have an incredible life regardless. She is already standing up and hobbling around, and we think she will have her balance perfect in no time.

We want to thank the staff at Weston Woden animal hospital, and everyone who has donated to Lucky’s vet bill. You guys are truly amazing!

Little Miss Lucky-star has touched many hearts with her determination to live despite what she has been through. We also believe that’s she IS the lucky one, because from now on she will know love and will not be neglected again.

Greyhound Rescue has homed and helped many, many dogs over the years. From our founders  Janet and Peter’s small beginnings within their home 10 years ago, to the official establishment of the organisation in 2008, and GR as it is today: a  dedicated team of volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes in many areas to home the hounds, and raise public awareness.

GR cannot do all of this without your help, and we are always seeking financial support not only for cases like Lucky but for the care of all our hounds waiting patiently for their forever homes. We do not receive any official funding and rely solely on the generosity of the community for donations. All donations over $2.00  are tax deductible and every bit goes to our vet bills, kenneling costs, food, flea and worming treatments, jackets, and more.

5/9/15 A follow up on Lucky’s progress, from her foster mum-
“Because Lucky’s leg infection was extensive, her amputation surgery was a serious undertaking (it lasted 3.5 hours!). But of course our superstar greyhound puppy pulled through…
Lucky-Star has now spent her first night in foster care. She needs my help to stand up, but apart from that, she ‘hobble-zooms’ all over the place! This little tripaw hound is an inspiration the way she just copes with whatever life throws at her!
This time last week, things were not looking good for Lucky and it was not clear if the infection could be contained, whether the leg could be saved (or operated on), or even if her life could be saved. So, a massive ‘thank-you’ goes to Dr Ivan, Dr Shona and Dr Camilla at Weston Woden Animal Hospital. Lucky is going to have an excellent life with a very, very lucky family thanks to their all day and night efforts.
Another big thank-you goes to all the people who have followed Lucky’s story, sent her strength, supported her emotional humans, and generously donated to Greyhound Rescue to help cover vet bills. She wouldn’t be alive without you. As she will continue to need veterinary care, and likely a little physio, we really appreciate any further donations and well-wishes towards Lucky-Star!
Watch this space for cute puppy photos and more info on her personality as she recovers :)”
Update from Lucky-Star’s Foster Mum 10 Sep
Lucky star post op
“Today was Lucky-Star’s 1 week ‘ampuversary’! She has been a tripawd for one whole week!
Considering her strength to survive a neglectful breeder, septic shock and a severe cellulitis infection, I probably shouldn’t be so surprised at how excellent her movement is already. No more hobbling for Lucky, she is a graceful greyhound.
Lucky’s confidence has grown every day- she’s started wagging her tail and moving her ears. And she is extremely squishy and cuddly – I could cuddle her all day! Even her big foster brother Bobby doesn’t mind cuddles in bed…
She’s learning all the basics here- toilet training (no issues since day 2!), food and bed routines, chew toys and not cables, and the ‘roach’ sleeping position. “
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Pebbles (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Pebbles is kindly sponsored by Zoe.


“I’m Pebbles and I’m a small black girl looking for a home. I’d like to ride with a family down the street, or just have some fun walking on our feet.  I’m a sharing caring kind of girl and socialise very well – did I mention some of my best friends are pussycats! I even like to share my plate with them! I am very good with small dogs and children, and I learn ever so quickly.  I am gentle, friendly, curious, and affectionate.  I’ll sit here and wait and dream of all the (yabba dabba do) good times we are going to have,  and I’ll be here when you’re ready – just contact the volunteers”

  • DOB: 24.9.11
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption Cost $350
  • Cat Tolerant: Yes
  • Small Dog Tolerant: Yes
  • Good With Children:Yes
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Greyhound Rescue Online Stores

We are always looking for ways to fundraise at GR and so we have just opened another online store where you can purchase our GR bandannas specifically for houndies. These bandannas were designed and printed by our volunteers and supporters and are designed to educate the public about the hound wearing it. We have Adopt Me ones for our foster carers to show off on their foster kids, the Muzzle Is For the Law Not For Me for those houndies that have not yet had their greenhound test, and I’ve Been Saved for any of your rescued dogbabies. We also have some plain ones, and more products will be added in the coming weeks and months, so check back often!

Go to to take a look and support us. Along with our existing Redbubble store, we hope to raise funds from these sales that will go back to our work – looking after the greyhounds in our care. Every little bit counts whether it be from the generosity of our sponsors and supporters who donate to us, our stalls, auctions, and  online stores like these. Thankyou so much to everyone who supports us, your generosity is amazing!

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Norm (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Norm is kindly sponsored by Elizabeth.


“Hi I’m Norm. Do you know why I think they called me Norm? Because I’m not just any norm I am that infamous “The Norm” that everyone keeps talking about. Why you ask? Well, a normal (er, that is a norm greyhound) does little else other than sleep. And sleep. And sleep some more. And get up for a zoomie, a snack, and then it’s back to bed to recover. Everything is just too much effort for a greyhound, despite what you may see when we’ve had to run around a track. Nobody understands that we don’t run all day! We hardly run at all! We’re sprinters, not marathon runners. So that is why I am The Norm. Because I’m the epitome of greyhound normal! The perfect example! I really don’t bother getting up much at all. In fact, my favourite song is “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. You know, the one that goes “Today I don’t fell like doing anything… I just wanna lay in my bed…” I’d sing it all to you but I’m really overdue for my snooze…..zzzzzzzzzzz”  If you would like to experience this for yourself get in touch with the volunteers and The Norm could be your perfect match!

  • DOB: 5.12.11
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption Cost $350
  • Cat Tolerant: Yes
  • Small Dog Tolerant:Yes
  • Good With Children: Yes
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We have been very busy at GR this week – six dogs have come in six days and we are FULL. Our main kennels are full, and our overflow kennels too. We have many coming in and not enough hounds going out to the homes they deserve. We urgently need foster carers and adopters so we can make room save more. If you have been thinking about adopting or fostering one of our beautiful greyhounds please get in touch


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Calling for fosters and funds!


Greyhound lovers, we beg for your help. Due to the recent airing of Four Corners we are under the most pressure we have ever been under, to take surrendered greyhounds. Our inbox has been flooded and phones have not stopped ringing.

WE WANT TO SAVE THEM! We are desperately begging for foster carers and donations to help us build more kennels on our new property to enable us to take more surrendered greyhounds and to be able to pay private boarding kennels to reduce the amount that trainers or owners may feel they have to euthanise.

Any donation small or large would be greatly appreciated or if you can foster in NSW please email

AccountName: Greyhound Rescue Inc
BSB: 012289
Account No: 524792379
Reference: Donation

Please send an accompanying email to with your details to let Janet and Peter know you have donated.

For PayPal:

Please share, this is a matter of urgency!

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Share the greyhound love!



In the light of the recent horrific documentary that aired Monday night on Four Corners regarding the live baiting cruelty, we would like everyone to share this beautiful photo shared by greyhound lover Tasha. Thanks Tasha!

From birth, greyhounds are born to make money. They are trained (and not in the basic obedience sense), kennelled, blooded (as we found last night) and then either abandoned, surrendered or euthanised.

There are many of us who deal with the aftermath of their ‘career’ and we can tell you firsthand – greyhounds are special. What other breed can be put through such a lifestyle and snuggle up to humans, kiss children’s faces, walk nicely on the lead, rarely bark or show aggression, become therapy dogs or even service dogs and on many occasions – live in harmony with small pets?

We won’t stop promoting this wonderful breed and we hope we have your support. Thanks for being there with us!

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Lucy (Homed)

Lovely Lucy is a recent save from a Yass trainer. Lucy is a stunning smaller fawn girl who is quickly adjusting to life in foster care instead of the training kennels.  We will update her profile as we get to know more about this beautiful girl but we know she is quite young (under 18 months old), very affectionate and sweet and very suited to life on somebody’s couch!  Lucy is currently in foster care with another greyhound and young children, so we should have more information about her as she settles into life as a foster pet!
  • Approx 18 months old 
  • Desexed, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Canberra
  • Not yet cat tested 
  • Adoption cost $350


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Fencing Fundraiser


Some of you may know from our post on our Facebook page, that we have secured NEW KENNELS! We are having to move out of our current kennels due to council compulsory purchase. We are very lucky that one of our volunteers got word of a fantastic new place and it didn’t take long for us to sign the lease.

The property shows so much potential, it does need some TLC and perhaps a few trades here and there….

The first step was to emergency re-roof our hospital wing as we found out during some heavy rain that there are quite a few large leaks! Peter Batkin along with donations from Kelly and her dad Ian have managed to sort this first step – thank you for your generosity guys 🙂

The next was to colour bond fence our boundary for privacy and security which cost $5000 and a fundraiser run by Jordan Rivkin managed to cover this thanks to some generous donators! Thank you to all who donated to Jordan’s fundraiser and especially to Jordan himself for thinking of us 🙂

Now, we have a big one… In order to start the big move, we have to build chain link fencing for the runs so our greyhounds can securely zoom and play whilst the kennels are being cleaned daily. This fencing has cost us $15,000 and we urgently need your donations to help us cover this cost.

Olimometer 2.52

You can donate below through either PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer.

We understand that not all can donate but if you are local to the Rouse Hill/Riverstone area and would like to help us with our fencing working bee which will be on the weekend of the 29th and 30th, Saturday and Sunday please email We will require handymen/women and those who can heavy lift.

We will organise for a BBQ, some beers and softs to help fuel you along!

Thank you for your ongoing support!
Janet, Peter and the team at Greyhound Rescue


Direct Bank Transfer

AccountName:  Greyhound Rescue Inc
BSB: 012289
Account No: 524792379
Reference: FENCE


Please send an accompanying email to with your details to let Janet and Peter know you have donated.

NOTE: All donations are tax deductible.

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ACT Greyhound Cocktail Evening



When: Friday, 20 February 2015
Where: Tuggeranong Homestead
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2905
Cost: $70pp inc canapés
Dress: Cocktail attire

Guest speakers: Dr Michael Archinal Veterinarian and published author of Animal Wisdom & Sharyn Watson Executive Director of The Medical Advances Without Animals Trust

RSVP: before 6th of February. Payment confirms booking. Please include dietary requirements, all are catered for.

Volunteer Natalie who is mum to ex Greyhound Rescue hounds Kayden and Lizzie has organised a super evening where we can all dress up in the name of Greyhound Rescue! Thank you Natalie for organising such a wonderful event – the first of its kind in support of our hounds at Greyhound Rescue!

The night will involve listening to two fabulous speakers, not to be missed.

Many awesome items will be auctioned during the event.



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