Volunteer of The Month

Our volunteers are the very backbone of what we do at GR. Without them, we could not possibly save and rehome as many greyhounds as we do. While every single one of our volunteers is important no matter how much they do whether hands on with the dogs or behind the scenes, every month we are introducing just one of them to you and acknowledging their amazing efforts. These volunteers have demonstrated exceptional passion, commitment, reliability, and co-operation to make GR what it is, and we thank them tremendously.

January Volunteer of the Month

Matt Randall

Matt getting thanked by Zia Greyhound for helping out!

Birthday: 02 June 74

1.When and how did you first get involved with GR?

March 2015. I saw the Four Corners program and wanted to do something to help and the rest is history.

2.Do you have any greyhounds or dogs of your own?

Yes – Chelsea Princess, Patsy (3 legged staffie X) and Oreo (GR foster

3.What do you find most challenging about GR?

I find it hard when dogs arrive in poor condition and scared of people – hard to imagine how people can be so cruel. On the flip side it is wonderful seeing them transform into healthy, happy dogs and there is nothing better than seeing them head off to a new home. I love my Saturdays at GR, its my favourite day of the week spending time with these amazing Dogs.

4.Why do you support GR as opposed to other rescue groups?

I support GR because unlike some other rescue groups all Greyhounds are accepted, regardless of their age or condition. I also like the very through adoption process that matches the right dog to the right people.

5.When your friends or family find out that you volunteer what do they say or ask?

People generally ask what Greyhounds are like and if they need lots of exercise

6.What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?

Do it!!
It is great fun and very rewarding. It takes a lot of time and commitment but you get to spend time with the most beautiful dogs on the the planet. You also get to meet a great bunch of people and Dolly the Goat!

7.What do you do when you aren’t volunteering or working?

I love to travel, but otherwise I’m usually at the beach with the dogs watching the planes.

8.What might someone be surprised to learn about you?

While at University I worked as an extra on UK soap Hollyoaks sadly the producers missed my potential so instead I work in IT.

9.If you could use three words only to describe greyhounds, what would they be?

Elegant, Gentle, Affectionate

10. And lastly, who is your favourite kennel kid at the moment and why!

Selma – Such a happy, friendly and cheeky girl. Impossible to pass her kennel without having a cuddle.


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