Volunteer of the Month – July 2017

We’d like to introduce you to Tracy, one of our super-dedicated volunteers who we are recognising as our ‘Volunteer of the Month’ for July.

Our volunteers are the very backbone of what we do at GR. Without them, we could not possibly save and rehome as many greyhounds as we do. While every single one of our volunteers is important no matter how much they do whether hands on with the dogs or behind the scenes, every month we are introducing just one of them to you and acknowledging their amazing efforts. These volunteers have demonstrated exceptional passion, commitment, reliability, and co-operation to make GR what it is, and we thank them tremendously.


We had a chat to Tracy to learn more about why she loves volunteering with Greyhound Rescue…


When and how did you first get involved with Greyhound Rescue (GR)?
I went out to the kennels with a group of friends in May 2015 to walk some of the greyhounds and the rest is history! They had my heart from the beginning and when I was asked if I wanted to make it a regular thing I had a hard time saying no. Been doing it weekly ever since.

Do you have any greyhounds or dogs of your own?
I wish!!! Due to my busy lifestyle and work life, I’m unable to have a furbaby of my own, but I try to see the positive side of this that it means I’m more available for GR and I can spread my love to all the dogs that come into my life

What do you find most challenging about GR?
Not crying every time I leave the kennels. I so badly want them all to find loving homes and want to take them all home with me, but I remind myself constantly they are all getting as much love as they can right now from all the other amazing volunteers and supporters, and their time will come for a new life in a happy home soon…

Why do you support GR as opposed to other rescue groups?
Honestly, if I had gone to another rescue group with my friends I’d probably be a volunteer there instead of at GR. I’d give my time to all rescue groups if I could clone myself. GR was just lucky I stumbled on to them first 😉 Now that I am with GR I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. Love everything about our rescue!!

When your friends or family find out that you volunteer what do they say or ask?
Most people in my life know about my volunteering now and I get referred to as the greyhound person, even though I don’t even have one of my own. Might be the fact I’m constantly talking about greyhounds, looking at photos of greyhounds, and sharing photos of greyhounds & myself that gives it away!! 😊 It’s tends to be the conversation starter when I’m introduced to someone I don’t know. I get a lot of unnecessary praise and accolades for it too which is undeserved. I do it for the greys, not me

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?
DO IT!!! It’s the most rewarding thing you can ever do. Life changing in all the best ways. Giving my time to Greyhound Rescue is the highlight of my week. Fills my heart with so much joy, and yes, sometimes sadness.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering or working?
Eating! My next favourite pastime. Burgers in particular, and as a vegan I try to show others that you don’t miss out on anything by giving up animal products from your diet. I go out for lunches and dinner with friends a lot and I never leave hungry, which also means I need to do my fair share of exercise. I travelled 2 hours the other day just for lunch. That’s how serious I take my food 🙂

What might someone be surprised to learn about you?
Most are surprised I don’t have a dog of my own because I love them so much! Just not my time yet…I think I constantly surprise people because I’m a bit of a mixed bag. A left-handed vegan accountant that likes her footy and beer as much as I like caring for animals. Take your pick out of all of that!!

If you could use three words only to describe greyhounds, what would they be?
Gentle, calming, and affectionate

And lastly, who is your favourite kennel kid at the moment and why!?
So tough!!?? They are all my favourite but… if I have to choose one I am going to say Elton, or Mr E as I call him ❤ He is such a big gorgeous cuddle monster that makes your whole day with the look he gives you after giving him some affection. I dream about him living with me and giving him the loving home he deserves

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