Sponsor of the Month – March

Clyde, Debbie & Jack Woods

Birdthdays: Clyde – 3rd May, Debbie – 1st September and Jack – 18th January

When and how did you first start donating to GR?
We first started donating to Greyhound Rescue after meeting a family who looked after dogs when people go on holidays or looked after our beautiful Kelli while we were away. We had heard about GR before and thought what a great organisation and that’s as far as it got.

After speaking to these wonderful people, who also fostered at one stage. It made us more aware of what you guys do for this wonderful dog breed.

After we adopted our second grey we thought we can’t have three at home, we’ll pay for the upkeep for one at Greyhound Rescue who have no government funding provided to try and help. That was about 2 or 3 years ago – we’re not really sure when but it doesn’t matter as long as we do.

Do you have any greyhounds or dogs of your own?
We have two beautiful greys of our own. Our girl Webby, a 9 year old blue dog (a dainty princess who forgets that she is supposed to be a sensible maturing lady sometimes) and Tom, our 4 year old black and white boy who is a big goof head who always has a squeaky toy or oversized tennis ball in his mouth and loves to zoom.

How does it make you feel to sponsor?
We love to to sponsor a greyhound as we feel we are helping out a little and it will help keep another grey until they find their forever home. We would actually love to adopt more like most greyhound people but it just isn’t feasible… there’s just not enough room in the house for multiple couches.

Why do you support GR as opposed to other rescue groups?
We chose Greyhound Rescue to assist as we have seen the great things you have done for this wonderful breed. Most other rescue groups receive some funding from the government or are more widely recognised. We have supported GAP here in Victoria indirectly as that is where our greys have come from in the past (excluding Tom) but they are funded by Greyhound Racing Victoria. We also donate to other rescue charities at times but Greyhound Rescue is our only regular animal rescue group.

When your friends or family find out that you sponsor a hound what do they say or ask?
People usually ask about our beautiful rescue greys first and we tell them how wonderful they are and we tell them we have a third dog who is our sponsor greyhound and how great the work is that you do.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about adopting or sponsoring?
We tell anyone who asks that to be a sponsor is a great feeling as you’re helping a great rescue group and a beautiful dog breed but adopting would be better and then you get the unconditional love that these dogs give. Unfortunately, living here in Victoria I think some people view the adoption process too difficult as they are in a different state to GR… so hey sponsor I say.

What do you do when you aren’t working?
When we aren’t working we are getting up early and walking our greys at 6.00am during the week and on weekends we can actually get to see our greys on the end of the leads as we have a later start. We love to plan our future holidays which always includes going to dog friendly places so we go as a family of 5. Clyde, Jack, Webby, Tom and myself.

What might someone be surprised to learn about you?
There is nothing about us that would surprise anyone who knows us… love us, love our dogs and of course we are addicted to greyhounds, once you own one you want more!! I’m sure you all know what we mean.

If you could use three words only to describe greyhounds, what would they be?
Gentle, loving and elegant.

And lastly, who is your favourite kennel kid at the moment and why!
Our favourite kennel kid at the moment is the lovely Juliet, our sponsor dog.

We would love to say thank you for caring for this wonderful dog breed and are hoping like y ou all that the greyhound racing industry will be stopped and people learn more about greys and how beautiful, loving and sensitive they are.

Please visit our sponsorship page for more information on sponsoring a greyhound of your very own.

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