Petunia and the ‘Oldies’ in Jindabyne

Today Petunia joined Marcy and Andre in Cherrybrook for a two week trial, so good luck to them all. Petunia has put on about 3 kg since she joined us as a skinny girl in the Cafe Bones park and now looks much better for it.

Some more piccies of Remy and Tassie, the two ten year olds who made a new start to their lives with Lois in Jindabyne. They are obviously having the time of their lives and making up for lost time.


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  1. lois
    Posted September 15, 2009 at 4:10 PM | Permalink

    Hi Peter, I have just seen the photos of Tassie & Remy, as you say they are making up for lost time. They are lovey hounds and I as so pleased I took them both.
    To myself I call them Heckle & Jeckle after the cartoon of the same name.They love the car trip to the lake and the bush block where they can have a good run. Sometimes we stop at the shops & I leave the car windows down and they stick their heads out – muzzles and all – one each side of the car and get lots of pats from passers by. They do look a sight and people just can’t help themselves they just have to pat them. Cheers Lois

  2. nicolle
    Posted September 23, 2009 at 9:46 PM | Permalink

    That is such a great pic..

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