Keep your ‘hot dog’ cool this summer!

With summer on the way and forecasts climbing, it’s important to remember that furry family members feel the heat even more than we do. Temperatures that are merely uncomfortable for us can be life-threatening for dogs, making canine cooling techniques absolutely essential at this time of year. 

But don’t feel you have to hole up in air conditioning to keep Fido from overheating. There are many great activities you can enjoy together outdoors, too. Here are our top five fun ways to keep dogs cool in hot weather. 

1. Turn on the sprinkler – As kids, hot summer days signalled a frolic in the backyard sprinkler, perhaps followed by an icy pole or giant slice of watermelon. Dogs love water play, too, and seem able to entertain themselves for hours on end with a sprinkler around. While it is, of course, important to supervise your hound, ensuring they don’t chew on the sprinkler or injure themselves on slippery surfaces, a sprinkler is a terrific tool in your cooling armoury.

2. Grab your car keys – We all know dogs love to stick their heads out the car window. As well as making them look funny, this puts them smack-bang in the path of the cooling breeze. But instead of allowing your pup to stick her head right out, an activity that can be hazardous, try securing her in the car and opening windows for cross ventilation next time you take her for a summer drive. She’ll still catch the breeze but be completely safe as you drive the open road.

3. Hit the waves – Dog-friendly beaches are a summertime paradise for pooches, and best of all there are plenty around! Once your salty pooch has dog-paddled, stick-collected and butt-sniffed to his heart’s content, why not let him feel the sand between his paws on a short stroll to dry off?

4. Dust off the kiddie pool – those clam-shell sandpits aren’t just for kids! They make brilliant paddling pools that are tough enough to withstand doggy claws. You can throw in some chew toys to add to the fun, or just sit back and let your best friend wallow. 

5. Pop a pupsicle There’s nothing better than an icecream when the mercury’s rising, right? So why not let your houndie chill with a doggy-safe treat from the freezer? There are many delicious recipes for home-made pupsicles. Here is one of our favourites.

Don’t forget! With all of the water play options outlined in this list, please be sure to thoroughly dry your dog afterwards, as their wet coat traps heat. 

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