Lucky Star’s Story

Miss Lucky is a 5 month old puppy who was discarded from a breeding facility on August 24th when her left hind-leg was suspected to be broken. Our amazing foster carers in Canberra took her in, and rushed her to the wonderful vets at Weston Woden Animal Hospital & Clinic, who established the massive swelling was due to a severe cellulitis infection, likely caused by an untreated dog bite left to heal over and fester.

Lucky’s leg turned septic that night and her body went into shock. Despite surviving without major damage to her internal organs, and the attempt to save her leg, our little warrior Lucky has now had a leg amputation as the bacterial infection has caused extreme tissue damage and skin loss.

Lucky is now a “tripod” but will have an incredible life regardless. She is already standing up and hobbling around, and we think she will have her balance perfect in no time.

We want to thank the staff at Weston Woden animal hospital, and everyone who has donated to Lucky’s vet bill. You guys are truly amazing!

Little Miss Lucky-star has touched many hearts with her determination to live despite what she has been through. We also believe that’s she IS the lucky one, because from now on she will know love and will not be neglected again.

Greyhound Rescue has homed and helped many, many dogs over the years. From our founders  Janet and Peter’s small beginnings within their home 10 years ago, to the official establishment of the organisation in 2008, and GR as it is today: a  dedicated team of volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes in many areas to home the hounds, and raise public awareness.

GR cannot do all of this without your help, and we are always seeking financial support not only for cases like Lucky but for the care of all our hounds waiting patiently for their forever homes. We do not receive any official funding and rely solely on the generosity of the community for donations. All donations over $2.00  are tax deductible and every bit goes to our vet bills, kenneling costs, food, flea and worming treatments, jackets, and more.

5/9/15 A follow up on Lucky’s progress, from her foster mum-
“Because Lucky’s leg infection was extensive, her amputation surgery was a serious undertaking (it lasted 3.5 hours!). But of course our superstar greyhound puppy pulled through…
Lucky-Star has now spent her first night in foster care. She needs my help to stand up, but apart from that, she ‘hobble-zooms’ all over the place! This little tripaw hound is an inspiration the way she just copes with whatever life throws at her!
This time last week, things were not looking good for Lucky and it was not clear if the infection could be contained, whether the leg could be saved (or operated on), or even if her life could be saved. So, a massive ‘thank-you’ goes to Dr Ivan, Dr Shona and Dr Camilla at Weston Woden Animal Hospital. Lucky is going to have an excellent life with a very, very lucky family thanks to their all day and night efforts.
Another big thank-you goes to all the people who have followed Lucky’s story, sent her strength, supported her emotional humans, and generously donated to Greyhound Rescue to help cover vet bills. She wouldn’t be alive without you. As she will continue to need veterinary care, and likely a little physio, we really appreciate any further donations and well-wishes towards Lucky-Star!
Watch this space for cute puppy photos and more info on her personality as she recovers :)”
Update from Lucky-Star’s Foster Mum 10 Sep
Lucky star post op
“Today was Lucky-Star’s 1 week ‘ampuversary’! She has been a tripawd for one whole week!
Considering her strength to survive a neglectful breeder, septic shock and a severe cellulitis infection, I probably shouldn’t be so surprised at how excellent her movement is already. No more hobbling for Lucky, she is a graceful greyhound.
Lucky’s confidence has grown every day- she’s started wagging her tail and moving her ears. And she is extremely squishy and cuddly – I could cuddle her all day! Even her big foster brother Bobby doesn’t mind cuddles in bed…
She’s learning all the basics here- toilet training (no issues since day 2!), food and bed routines, chew toys and not cables, and the ‘roach’ sleeping position. “
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