Dog Lovers Show: Help a greyhound find its new ‘fur-ever’ home, say Glebe foster carers

Most people don’t know you can foster a greyhound to see if it’s a good match for your lifestyle.

Glebe couple, Zosia Smith and Yong Guck Gim, were recent foster parents to rescue greyhound Marlon and are happy to say he has just found his ‘fur-ever’ home.


The couple were able to foster – a long held dream – when they moved into a Glebe rental townhouse which allowed pets. Marlon lived with them for several months.

“Marlon will be two in September. It’s been hugely rewarding to see him develop his confidence and personality. He was quite shy of other dogs at first. Over time, he’s now the first one to go say hello to passing dogs. His new adoptive mum and dad will make friends everywhere they go,” said Zosia.

“It doesn’t get much better than coming home to a dog that’s joyfully happy and excited to see you. It’s the miracle cure for any bad day. Marlon’s just gorgeous!”

Zosia’s advice for those considering foster care is: “Go for it. We loved taking care of Marlon.”

Yong Guck said becoming a foster carer is a simple process involving an online questionnaire, a house visit by Sydney charity Greyhound Rescue (GR), followed by a visit to meet your greyhound.

“We found it straightforward. They made sure the greyhound we fostered was the right fit for us. When we visited the kennels, we met Marlon and took him home the same day. He settled into family life very quickly,” he said.

Janet Flann, Greyhound Rescue founder, said the charity pays the full cost of necessary vet bills while a dog is in foster, while foster carers cover food, shelter and flea treatments.

“We’ll supply muzzle, coat, collar and lead. We can help with costs if necessary. How long a hound stays with carers depends on the number of adoption applications we get, but foster carers should be prepared to accommodate a dog for at least six months,” she said.

 Carers are also required to meet and greet potential adopters when the time comes.

“They can always adopt, but carers tell us it’s great to see a foster go to its forever home. Anyone who’s interested should complete a fostering form via our website.  Our greys are desexed, vaccinated and heartworm tested. Adopters pay $350 per dog,” said Janet.

Peter Flann, GR co-founder, said in addition to food, shelter and love, foster greyhounds also need basic training: “For many of our dogs, this is the first time they will live as a pet and it can be overwhelming. You’ll also be required to meet and greet potential adopters when the time comes,” he said.

He said some people worry about getting attached to their foster dogs: “Foster carers can always adopt, but they tell us it is a great feeling to see their foster dog settle into their forever home.”

“Greyhounds make great pets for all ages. They are gentle 70-km per hour couch potatoes. They need only a 20 minute walk each day, unlike most other dogs, but would obviously enjoy more. They have no doggie smell, shed little hair and seldom bark, being quiet and calm in nature.”

To enquire about foster care or adopt a greyhound, please submit an application here.

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