Adopting in the time of COVID-19

Working from home? We feel you. Think it might be a good opportunity to settle in a dog? We agree!

BUT! A dog is for life, not just for a shutdown. If you choose to adopt (or indeed foster!) a dog at this time then you can’t expect to give it back once we all return to work.

We are receiving an unprecedented number of applications which is AWESOME, however we are a tiny, volunteer-run charity. It’s going to take us some time to process these applications and we ask for your patience.

Please, make sure that you’re serious about bringing a dog into your life and making that commitment before you send in that form. Inviting a rescued greyhound into your family is a process that requires some adjustment from everyone.

* After you have done some research and believe that a greyhound is a good fit for your family. Our website is a great place to start!
* Everyone in your family is on board with the decision.
* You’re willing to make necessary adjustments to your home and lifestyle to accommodate a hound.
* You have landlord and strata approval (where required) in writing and can forward it with your application.
* You can care for your new furry family member once the crisis is over and everyone returns to work.

Please DO NOT apply:
* Regular working schedule means you won’t have time for a dog.
* You want to only have a dog while in self isolation/shutdown.
* You haven’t got permission from your strata/landlord. Please have that in writing before submitting your application to us.

Don’t decide on a whim – it won’t work out. If you are going to dedicate yourself to this journey please do fill in an application form, we’d love to hear from you.

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