5 Ways to Get Your Household Ready for a New Dog!

By Amy Wakley-Ahearn

Bringing a dog into your home can be a very exciting time for you and your family. If you haven’t had a pooch before, it can also seem a bit overwhelming, but there are some ways to your home ready for your new furkid that will help to ease the transition.

Safe home.

Doggy-proof your home and yard. Is there a gap in the fence that needs fixing? A gate that isn’t secure? What about your plants- are they all safe for dogs to be around? Check this list to find out. The same goes for inside. Take a walk around your home, especially the areas your doggo will be frequenting, and make sure there are no hazards they can get into. Get down on their level and look around. Pay attention to the pantry and kitchen to make sure your pet can’t access human food. They might be very interested in what you’re eating, but some of what you eat can be really dangerous for your pooch.

Think about securing loose cords, shifting breakables to higher shelves, using baby gates to close of areas of the house you don’t want your dog to go into. You might want to think about a doggy blanket on the couch to make cleaning easier.

Clean and clear.

Clear the floors of anything that you aren’t prepared to wipe pee off. Invest in puppy training pads and be prepared to take them outside often if you are planning on an inside pet. Even house-trained dogs can forget and moving to a new home, while awesome, can also be stressful and cause a few whizz-related accidents. You can buy specialty products to clean up after accidents or use 1 part vinegar mixed with 3 parts water. Wipe up the urine, spray with the vinegar mix and leave for 5-10 mins before wiping again.

Bed time!

Where will your dog be sleeping? Make sure you have a suitable bed and kennel for your pup that will keep them warm and comfy. Fleece blankets are a good addition in cooler months.

Go shopping

Find out what sort of food your doggo will thrive on and stock up. It’s a good idea to look online and compare prices. Buy regular food, suitable training treats and think about treats that will occupy your furkid while you aren’t there. Don’t forget about food and water bowls, leads, collars, poop bags and grooming supplies.

Talk to your kids

If you have children, it’s a good idea to sit them down for a chat about dog safety and their responsibilities towards their furry new “sibling”! Some children are nervous around dogs when they haven’t had much to do with them. You can explain the basics of pet safety, like not approaching a dog while he or she is eating or sleeping. They can also learn to become involved in caring for their pet by helping to brush them, coming on walks with them and (of course) playing with them!

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