St George and Sutherland Shire Leader – April is ‘Adopt a Greyhound Month’

St George and Sutherland Shire Leader is a Fairfax newspaper with the largest circulation (c.150,000) of any suburban newspaper in Australia. It covered two GR adopters for April is ‘Adopt-a-Greyhound Month’.

Megan Hale with greyhounds Inky and Bob. Picture: Fiona Chisholm

Kareela residents, Megan and David Hale, who adopted two dogs from Greyhound Rescue over five years ago, encourage people to open their hearts and homes to the breed.

Megan said she hear Greyhound Rescue’s Peter Flann speaking on the ABC one day and felt compelled to act.

“I felt so sorry for the dogs,” Megan says.

“I wasn’t planning to get another dog, but greyhounds sounded like they would suit our lives. Inky had been at the kennels the longest, so we chose her.

“The first time I met a greyhound was the day we collected Inky. As we weren’t home all the time, we thought she’d like a friend.

“We met Bob, went for a short walk and brought him home. The rest is as they say history.”

Megan is sharing her family’s story to help promote  ‘Adopt a Greyhound Month’  during April

Greyhound Rescue, a registered charity, says basic training is often needed for rescue greyhounds, many of which haven’t been a pet before, but the gentle dogs can change your life for the better – as Megan can attest.

She said it took a little time and patience for the greyhounds to feel at home.

”We took it slowly introducing Inky and Bob to our household as they had many new experiences such as walking up and down steps while out on our local walks around the neighbourhood,” Megan said.

”It wasn’t too long however until they were settled.

“They are now very loved members of the family and continue to make us laugh everyday with their antics. They love their human family very much.”

Inky and Bob are loving life at Kareela.

Megan said they’d only had Inky and Bob for about a month when her mum passed away from cancer.

”They were the best distraction for us and even for our extended family. Sometimes things just happen for a reason.”

David said greyhounds are low maintenance, gentle and make great pets for all ages.

”They are 70km/h per hour couch potatoes,” he said.

“Greyhounds have no doggie smell, shed little hair and seldom bark. They need only a two 20 minute walks each day unlike most other dogs, but will enjoy more.”

Having Inky and Bob has also increased their circle of friends as they meet up weekly with other greyhound owners in the shire for a group walk and coffee.

”Hobbit Hounds is a local greyhound owners group. It started with about seven greyhounds. The group continues to grow every week and offers both socialisation and support for everyone who goes,” David said.

Greyhound Rescue now has over 50 dogs need ing adoption or foster care.

”For the month of April, adoption costs $250, instead of the usual $350,” Janet Flann, GR founder, said.

“This goes toward the cost of desexing, vaccination and a full health check. People interested in adopting should complete an application form on our website.”

Greyhound Rescue, a registered charity which isn’t affiliated with the racing industry, relies solely on donations which are tax deductible, as well as fundraising.


Read the article here.

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