Newcastle Herald – Greyhound Rescue charity encourages adoption in Newcastle

Fairfax’s daily Newcastle Herald covered GR’s need to find homes for more male greyhounds (Friday readership/34.5K).

ABSOLUTE JOY: Greg Murty and Carol Brett, of Charlestown, with their adopted greyhound Bevan.

Greg Murty and Carol Brett, of Charlestown, with their adopted greyhound Bevan.

“Nothing prepares you” for the happiness a greyhound can bring to your life, according to Charlestown dog owner Carol Brett.

Ms Brett adopted five-year-old greyhound Bevan in 2016 through Sydney-based charity Greyhound Rescue, which looks to find either permanent or temporary homes for animals “surplus to requirements of the industry”.

“Male greyhounds can be overlooked because they are bigger, but they make wonderful pets,” Ms Brett said.

Ms Brett and her partner Greg Murty said adopting a greyhound was an experience of “pure joy” but did come with a few initial challenges as the animals transitioned from track life.

“Even though Bevan was five years old when we adopted him in 2016, he was a complete novice to the home environment,” Ms Brett said. “Things like sliding-glass doors, stairs, noisy electrical appliances and the TV were all foreign territory.”

But the animals adapted to their new life quickly.

“Incredibly, however, he took fewer than three days to house train and in less than a week he was coping with everything else like an old hand,” Ms Brett said.

Greyhound Rescue was founded by Peter and Janet Flann to help find homes for “the many greyhounds surplus to requirements of the racing industry,” the charity said.

Mr Flann said Greyhound Rescue currently had 50 dogs in desperate need of adoption or foster care.

“Greyhounds make great pets for all ages,” Mr Flann said.

“(They) shed very little hair, have no ‘doggie smell’ and need just a 20-minute walk each day, they are gentle 70kmh couch potatoes.”

For Ms Brett and Mr Murty, watching Bevan adjust to life outside of the industry has been a wonderful experience.

“It’s like Bevan’s been let out of his cage to see the world and we’re the lucky people who get to join him,” Ms Brett said. “Every day he makes us smile as he blossoms more and more.

“Having Bevan in our lives is pure joy.

“We’d heard greyhounds make wonderful pets but nothing prepares you for the happiness they bring to your life.”

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