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This story also appeared in the Central Coast Express Advocate, Rouse Hill Time, Liverpool Express, Liverpool Leader, Northern District Times, Fairfield Advance and Parramatta Advertiser.

Connor Glancy’s 10th birthday wish helped him raise funds for Greyhound Rescue.

WHILE other 10-year-old boy’s birthday wish lists are loaded with the latest video games and trendy gadgets little Connor Glancy recruited his birthday party guests to help him raise funds for Greyhound Rescue, a charity that helps rehome retired racing dogs.

The day after his birthday party at the Forestville Oval Connor travelled to the Greyhound Rescue kennels in Rouse Hill to visit a special greyhound, Joe, the brother of one of the two greyhounds his family have adopted. The $80 he donated to Greyhound Rescue was to help Joe find a home.

Connor has spent time with Joe and knows he would make a great family pet but more than that he knows how the right dog can change your life.

“Connor was terrified of dogs,” his mum Yvonne Breyer says. “He would have a screaming fit when he saw a dog, he was terrified that they were going to bark, nip and jump, but when he met Willow (the first greyhound the family adopted) all that changed.

“Greyhounds are so calm and placid — they don’t bark or jump. We all fell in love her. We brought her home and have never looked back.”

But greyhounds are like Pringles, Breyer says: “You can’t stop at one”.

So a visit to the Rouse Hill kennels “just to have a look” resulted in the family welcoming their second greyhound, Tas, into their family in April this year.

It is here they also met Tas’s brother Joe, a four-year-old black greyhound. With two greyhounds already the family could not adopt Joe, who is great with kids, but Connor is doing his bit to help Joe find a loving home.

Along with the search for new family Joe is also facing eviction along with his other kennel mates as the Rouse Hill kennels are to be sold, leaving Greyhound Rescue, that has rehomed more than 800 greyhounds from the racing industry since 2009, on the hunt for new premises.

The urbanisation of the area means Greyhound Rescue has gone from caring for 30-35 greyhounds at its kennels, and at least a dozen in foster care, to looking after just 12 dogs.

“We’re not able to do the job that we normally do — empty kennels are heartbreaking,” Greyhound Rescue co-founder Peter Flann says.

With the rescue group now in the difficult position of having to turn away dogs it has put out a call for more foster carers.

“It would be a great help to find more foster carers to take in the dogs until they can be adopted — fostering a dog is saving a life,” Flann says.

If you can help Greyhound Rescue find a new home or for more information on becoming a foster carer go to


The ideal location for Greyhound Rescue will meet the following criteria:

● Western Sydney or surrounding rural property (acreage not required)

● Greyhound Rescue is willing to pay up to $800/week

● House with kennels and dog runs for about 20-25 greyhounds

● Service area with food preparation room and washing facilities for dogs

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