Daily Telegraph – Blinded by canine colour

The Sydney Daily Telegraph (Sat. circ. 266K) ran an article about black dogs including those at Greyhound Rescue.


THEY are as fluffy and adorable as any other pooch, yet black dogs are often ignored in favour of lighter-coloured pups.

Labrador breeder Barbara Broughton said her golden puppies always outsell their darker siblings.

“The majority of people want yellow puppies,” she told The Saturday Telegraph. “Black dogs get hotter and it can also be harder to keep a black dog’s coat looking nice.”

Ms Broughton said people also often associate black dogs with aggression.

Animal lover Sara Lander said her black greyhound Posey is treated very differently to her light-coated dog.

“People have this instant fear of big black dogs, it’s called black dog syndrome,” she said.

Ms Lander, a volunteer at Greyhound Rescue, said black dogs were harder to adopt out. “I’d say about 80 per cent of the dogs at the centre are black,” she said.

“Black dogs across the board aren’t adopted as much. There is a lot of mythology about black dogs and black cats being unlucky.”

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