Camden Chronicle – Charity Greyhound Rescue race into Camden

The weekly Macarthur Chronicle, a News Ltd newspaper (circulation 74,849).

Dozens of forgotten greyhound heroes have raced into Camden, with charity organisation Greyhound Rescue finding a new home in the region’s rural outskirts.

Stretching across a spacious five acres with space for close to 50 greyhounds, Greyhound Rescue secretary Sue Bradshaw said the new home will allow the charity to rescue more greyhounds than ever before.

“We’ve moved to a new location near Camden. We’ll be able to rescue a greater number of greyhounds,” she said.

“We found five possible locations and we decided Camden was the best fit. We have plenty of area in our new home and we have inherited an old animal maintenance facility so it is great.”

The gentle, low maintenance greyhound is perfect as a family pet, described as beautiful, affectionate and loving.

“They make great pets for all ages,” said Ms Bradshaw. “They are 70-km per hour couch potatoes. They need only a 20 minute walk each day, unlike most other dogs, but will enjoy more. They have no doggie smell, shed little hair and seldom bark.”

Ms Bradshaw said the charity is searching for volunteers to assist the rescue effort.

“To care for the dogs each day is a big team effort by our marvellous volunteers,” she said. “The work includes cleaning, feeding, walking, washing, brushing, pooper-scooping, bucket filling, grass cutting, repairing, and maintenance.

“Volunteers feel a special sense of self worth as they are doing something great with similar-minded people and working with beautiful animals.”

All adoptions in January will receive a $100 discount. If interested, complete an application form here.

To volunteer, email kennel roster co-ordinator Lauren Jumikis at

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