Better Homes & Gardens – Why you should adopt a greyhound in April

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Sydney charity, Greyhound Rescue, is again declaring April to be ‘Adopt-a-Greyhound Month’ and has launched a YouTube campaign to help find homes for these ex-racers.

Greyhound Max, voiced by well-known stage performer Todd McKenney, tells YouTube viewers he’s an ex-racer ‘looking for commitment’ and a new career as a pet. 

Max represents thousands of greyhounds looking for a home and now in rescue kennels, pounds and foster care around Australia. These dogs are regarded as ‘excess’ by the racing industry because they are too slow, not interested in chasing the lure or have racing injuries.

Todd volunteered to do Max’s voice because he has two rescue greyhounds of his own: “They make wonderful pets which are gentle, loving and laid-back companions, with no doggie smell. Please consider welcoming one into your household,” he said.

“They’re the underdog of the Australian dog world. So many of them badly need a home. A young one, a middle-aged one or an old one – they’re great with kids.”

Greyhound Rescue (GR) is offering a discount for April – $250 instead of $350 per dog – which helps pay for these ex-racers to be de-sexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and have a full health check.

Peter Flann, Greyhound Rescue co-founder, said the charity needs more foster carers and people who can sponsor a dog.

“People who’re interested in helping out should go to our website. Those interested in adopting should be aware that muzzling your greyhound is not needed if you obtain a Greenhound collar,” he said.

Foster carers are important because racing greyhounds have generally lived in kennels.

“It’s important they spend some time in a home with a foster family to learn to adjust to everyday sights and sounds, like steps, TVs, vacuums, washing machines, small dogs and children,” said Peter.

Greyhound Rescue pays the full cost of necessary vet bills incurred while your dog is in foster. Greyhound Rescue will also supply muzzle, coat, collar and lead. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is food and flea/ worm treatment for your furry friend.

“How long you’ll have the dog depends on how many adoption applications are received by Greyhound Rescue. Foster carers should be prepared to accommodate a dog for at least six months,” said Peter.

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