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Hi there, I’m Hope! I’m a young girl, still just a puppy really, which which means I’m playful, inquisitive and love to make new friends!

When I was just a young pup, I had an injury to my back legs and I sometimes need a bit of help with knowing when I need to go to the toilet (and where!). Because of that, I’m looking for a patient and compassionate human (or humans!) who will help me get into a toileting groove.

Despite my injury, I’m still a happy girl who loves to play, run around and be a normal puppy, so a home with a backyard is a must! I am currently in foster care with another greyhound so if you have a doggie friend at your place, that’s fine by me.

A note from Hope’s foster carers

Hope is doing really well with toilet training. We have gotten into a toileting/walking schedule – we go for a walk first thing in the morning, again at around lunchtime, just before dinner, and just before bed. She sleeps through the night until about 6.45am with no accidents (I bet a lot of parents with newborns wish they could say that!). She only feels comfortable doing a wee/poo if there are no other dogs around and she is not distracted, so may be more suitable to living in a quiet neighbourhood.

In order to stick to her toileting/walking schedule, she will need a forever home with somebody that can stay with her all day (or can take her to work with them) or can organise for a walker to come during the day so she can stick to her routine. I would recommend that Hope finds her forever home with somebody who has a backyard, so she can pee outside when she needs to/if you want a sleep-in!

Hope loves her food and is an adventurous eater, keen to eat anything from chicken drumsticks and veggies to sardines and oats. This means she is also keen to eat anything she comes across on our walks so will need some training to leave mysterious foodstuffs alone.

Hope loves her toys but can be a bit over-protective with them. Something to keep in mind if she goes to a forever home with another dog. She loves to play and go for a run, but tires easily and will need to be carried so as to not exacerbate her injury. Limit play to 15-20 minutes. Because she is still a puppy, she loves to nip other dogs when she plays, so I would recommend keeping her muzzle on when at the dog park, at least until she is a bit older and grows out of the puppy-tude!

She is very affectionate with humans and loves cuddling up to us on the couch and seeking out pats and neck scratches. She would thrive as an only dog but doesn’t mind the company of another dog – the other dog will have to be prepared to adjust to her bossiness though! Preferably the other dog will be a calmer, non-boisterous dog who is respectful of her space and her physical ability and will retreat when play becomes too much/rough for her.

Hope is still learning to tackle stairs but I think going up/down stairs may be hard for her and/or may hurt because of her injury. We need to carry her on stairs sometimes, so having a forever home where she doesn’t have to deal with any stairs would be best.

PS – want a free bag of food if you adopt me? Just enquire via my SavourLife profile. For every finalised adoption through the page, SavourLife will give Greyhound Rescue a donation and you a free bag of food!

Gender: Female
DOB: 16.11.2018
Microchip number: 956000009590709
Location: Foster
Other dogs: Friendly
Children: Older kids only
Cats: Not friendly
Medical needs: Hope had an injury to her back legs as a puppy. It has now healed, but can get sore if she over-exercises.

Greyhound Rescue’s adoption fee is $385. All our hounds are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and heartworm tested and treated.

The adoption fee also includes our New Adopter Kit – collar, leash, muzzle and loads of other goodies to help you get your new hound settled into the family.

Rehoming organisation number: R251000042