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Hi there, I’m Bjorn. I arrived here at Greyhound Rescue in not the best condition but after loads of TLC here from the team at GR HQ I’m doing much better… you might say I’ve been Bjorn again even (hehe)!

Because I had a rough start in life, I’ll be looking for an extra special home with an experienced family because I can be a little bit nervous about new things. Which means I’d love a home in a quiet neighbourhood with a yard where I can stretch my legs too. I think I’d like a home where I’m the only dog, but I’m happy to be home alone during the day. Besides that, I’m a very sweet boy and a total cutie with my little-upturned nose. Once I learn to trust you I have so much love to give.

I’m currently living it up in foster care, but I’d love to find my extra special forever home. What do you say, is there room at your place for a special boy like me?

Some notes from Bjorn’s foster carer

If you’re interested in adopting Bjorn, the most important thing is patience. He takes a little while to come out of his shell and needs to be allowed to move at his own pace when it comes to building up trust, but the wait is totally worth it!


Once you have earned Bjorn’s trust by reading his signals and respecting his space, he will bond with you and come out of his shell. He has such a distinctive look and such large and active ears which makes me laugh every day. There is so much to love about Bjorn such as how deep his downward dog is and his balloon breath – I could go on!


Bjorn is very trainable. For example, he taught himself how to use a dog door predominately from watching his foster brother Buddy. Bjorn knows his name and is responsive to verbal cues and changes in vocal tone. He will play with toys and enjoys treats but isn’t particularly driven by them.


Bjorn likes his own space. His tail will be upright and stiff and he will growl at other dogs if he feels that his space is being encroached upon. Björn would be best suited to a couple or single person who lives somewhere quiet and spends lots of time at home. Björn would be better suited as an only dog so that he has all the space he needs and can be the centre of attention. If Björn’s forever home is with another dog, they will need to be separated for feeding.


Bjorn will bark when he is experiencing something that makes him anxious such as the postman delivering a package to the house. He fears the unknown. Where possible put him on lead and allow him to see and smell what is making him anxious. This has proved successful when having tradespeople in our house. He can also bark when left alone at home. Separation training will be very important especially once he has bonded with his new family.


Björn likes:


– Being in the car. He gets in and out of the car with minimal hesitation and loves standing up watching what is outside and getting as close to the window as he can to give everything a good sniff.
– Belly rubs, ear rubs and neck rubs and scratches. Björn will let you know when he wants this form of affection by either coming up to you and lingering, laying his head on your hand or arm or (if lying down) by cocking his leg. Otherwise it is important to do a consent test especially for anyone unfamiliar to him.
– Sniffing – anyone and anything gets a thorough sniff. When faced with something or someone new, allow Björn to give it a good long sniff to prevent or reduce any signs of anxiety.
– Roaching. You know Björn is relaxed when he is roaching or has his feet rested up against something such as the lounge or wall.
– Quiet walks away from cars, people and other dogs. His favourite walk is on bush fire trails.
– Lying in the grass.


Björn dislikes:


– Most forms of noise. For example, planes flying overhead, lawn mowers, garbage bins etc. Björn is not a ‘cafe greyhound’ you can go out and about with – this would be far too anxiety-inducing.
– He likes to be able to see where he is going and may freeze if on a bend or incline. Give him a minute to absorb his surroundings and then say “Come on Björnie” in a positive tone and he will usually ‘snap out of it’ and happily keep walking.

PS – want a free bag of food if you adopt me? Just enquire via my SavourLife profile. For every finalised adoption through the page, SavourLife will give Greyhound Rescue a donation and you a free bag of food!

Gender: Male
DOB: 18.08.2016
Microchip number: 956000005583676
Location: Foster
Other dogs: Friendly, but prefers to be only dog
Children: Friendly
Cats: Not tested

Greyhound Rescue’s adoption fee is $385. All our hounds are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and heartworm tested and treated.

The adoption fee also includes our New Adopter Kit – collar, leash, muzzle and loads of other goodies to help you get your new hound settled into the family.

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