Hi! I’m Johnnie, a cheeky sort of chap with model good looks! As you can see – I’m really ridiculously good looking and I have the best buns of steel you will ever see and I’m not afraid to show them off. When I’m not flaunting my assets, I love food… toys… food… and oh, did I mention toys? If you have either of those things, I’ll be your best friend forever. Now, when it comes to other dogs I’m not too phased by them, in fact, I mostly ignore them and prefer to hang out with my people and focus on my toys and food!

A note from Johnnie’s foster carers:

He’s a really low maintenance dog. No destructive behaviour, no toilet accidents, and he gets tired after a 15min walk! We haven’t been able to walk him for more than 45min total in a day, after that he simply refuses walking further than the first green patch he sees. He mostly ignores other dogs we see on the street and prefers the company of people.

He loves meeting new people – he came to the office with me today and got a pat out of every single person before he settled. My boss already gave him the title of the most well behaved dog to ever step in our office!

He’s still a bit cautious with loud noises, but he’s gradually becoming more confident. He’s a bit scared of going out to the balcony, but we’re slowly working on that. He’s now very confident going up and down the stairs!

If you’re looking for a ridiculously good-looking companion in your life. Get in touch at 

  • DOB: 02.02.14
  • Located in: Sydney
  • Desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Adoption cost: $350
  • Cats: Not tested
  • Other Dogs: Good
  • Children: Not tested

Johnnie is kindly helped by Muira and Rachel.

Photos courtesy of Jo Lyons Photography

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