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Joker (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Joker! I’m a friendly girl who loves the company of humans and other dogs of all sizes. I’m just a young ‘un too, just about to hit my second birthday – so I’m looking for a home where I can have plenty of fun, maybe with a doggie friend to keep me […]

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Glimmer (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Glimmer! I arrived at Greyhound Rescue just in time for my eighth birthday, and I’m ready to settle down into a nice comfy retirement. I’m sure my forever couch is out there somewhere and I hope it has lots of nice soft beds where I can rest my head. What do you […]

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Chook (on trial)

Hi, I’m Chook! I haven’t quite reached my second birthday yet, so I’m still just a puppy really. Like all puppies, I’ve got a ton of enthusiasm for life and I just can’t wait to get out there and explore every inch of it, nose first! If you’re ready to take me on lots of […]

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Poirot (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Poirot. As my name suggests, I’m a bit of a sleuth… if you need someone to crack the case of where the treats are hidden, I’m your gal! I’m a friendly lady who likes spending time with people and eating all the food… so if you’ve got plenty of pats and treats […]

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Stelline (on trial)

I’m Stelline, pleased to meet you! I’m a rather angelic little girl who is a master at charming everyone I meet with my sweet ways. I just love hanging out with people, leaning on them and using my very best puppy eyes to get all the love and treats they can give! In fact, after […]

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Lil Rob (on trial)

Hi, I’m Lil’ Rob! I’m a sweet and handsome boy who is a bit on the timid side – I’m still learning all about pet life, and I sometimes need a bit of time to feel confident around new people things. But once I get to know you, I’m very friendly and love to come and […]

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Scooby (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Scooby, the sweetest boy you will ever meet! I have a big smile that’s sure to brighten up your day – it matches my big heart. I’m a gentle and friendly sort who just loves spending time with people and asking them for lots of pats and love. I’m very smoochy and […]

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Binny (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Binny! I’m a sweet girl with quite the sassy streak. When I want pats, I hope you’re ready to be at my beck and call, because I am certainly not shy about asking you for attention! In fact, I have personality in spades, so I’m sure to keep you entertained! Despite my […]

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Hecate (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Hecate! Just like the Greek goddess I’m named for, I’m sure you will find me quite magical… my special talents are winning people over with my beautiful eyes and soft fur, and charming people out of all their treats! I love meeting people and asking for lots of pats, so I’m sure […]

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Serena (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Serena! I’m a friendly and oh so gorgeous girl with the shiniest coat you will ever see. Because of my sweet and easygoing personality, I get along well with other greyhounds and even with small dogs, so I’d be happy to share my home with one of them. Just as long as […]

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