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Hecate (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Hecate! Just like the Greek goddess I’m named for, I’m sure you will find me quite magical… my special talents are winning people over with my beautiful eyes and soft fur, and charming people out of all their treats! I love meeting people and asking for lots of pats, so I’m sure […]

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Serena (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Serena! I’m a friendly and oh so gorgeous girl with the shiniest coat you will ever see. Because of my sweet and easygoing personality, I get along well with other greyhounds and even with small dogs, so I’d be happy to share my home with one of them. Just as long as […]

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Karla (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Karla! I’m a super friendly girl who absolutely loves fun, pats, playtime, asking you for attention at every opportunity… did I mention pats? Meeting new people is one of my favourite things in the world – if you’re lucky I might even give you a few kisses! Because I’m such a social […]

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Scarlett (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Scarlett! I’m an outgoing girl who is sure to charm you just as soon as we meet – and I certainly won’t be shy about asking you for some pats! If you’re looking for a sidekick to go on some fun adventures, I’m your girl – so get in touch today! Get […]

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Kadan (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Kadan, the smiliest boy you will ever meet! Since I landed at Greyhound Rescue I couldn’t be happier, and I’ve been having the best time saying hello to all the volunteers, trying out my new toys, and lounging in my very own pool… you could say I’m a bit of a water […]

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Massimo (on trial)

Ciao, mi chiamo Massimo! I’m a friendly and oh so handsome boy who just loves hanging around with humans. My favourite things are playtime, asking for pats, going for walks… anything that we can do together really! Oh, and I love food too – I guess you could say I’m pretty easy to please! I […]

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Leslie (on trial)

I’m Leslie, nice to meet you! I’m a friendly boy with such a gentle sweet nature and handsome face. I love nothing more than spending time with my humans, and I’ll show you that by leaning my head against you to ask you for some gentle pats. I’m a particularly big fan of neck scratches! […]

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Picasso (on trial)

Hi there, I’m Picasso! My name is very fitting, because the great artist himself couldn’t paint a face more handsome than mine – or so the volunteers tell me, anyway! I’m a friendly and lovable boy who is sure to win you over with my charming ways just as soon as we meet. I’m certainly […]

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Gracie (on trial)

Hi, I’m Gracie! I’m a bit of an all-round sweetheart with such a gentle nature. I came to Greyhound Rescue with a broken leg, but with plenty of love and care I’m well along the path to recovery and ready for a home of my own. What does this mean for my forever family? This […]

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Pixel (on trial)

Hello! I’m Pixel… maybe because I’m on the smaller side for a boy dog, but hey – good things come in small packages! I’m a super happy boy with plenty of personality, and I just want to be best friends with everybody. I love a good game of tug of war, or getting out and […]

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