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Libby (Homed)

When is a greyhound not quite a greyhound? When she is a greyhound/wolfhound cross! ? Gorgeous Libby is a recent save from Canberra pound and what a wonderful save it is! As crosses go, she’s pretty perfect; she is smallish (about the same size as an average female grey) and has all of those greyhound […]

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Oscar (Homed)

        Oscar is sponsored by Susan. Oscar arrived with his litter mates, Brocky and Murphy. He is a lovely young 2 year old white and tan boy. The most laid back of the three brothers he is sweet, gentle and affectionate. Oscar loves playtime but is perfectly happy just chilling out with […]

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Lilly (cat friendly) (homed)

Lilly has travelled all the way to Melbourne and is currently on trial! Easily pleased, Lilly simply longs for love.  She appears to be in good condition. Lilly is rather small in size, with a beautiful white coat displaying black spotted markings.  An attractive dog, she has both good looks and a loving nature in […]

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Toby (Homed)

Toby has found his forever home! Male – 2yrs – In foster (Canberra-based). Tell us about yourself, Toby. “I have a tail that wags all the time, like ALL the time in a circle like a helicopter. I love walks, cuddles, food (*drools), roaching, playing with my greyhound siblings and investigating all the new sights […]

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Maisy (homed)

Sweet Maisy is being sponsored by  Katrina and Rogan. Maisy is in foster care with Ragna. Maisy was a recent save from the Canberra Pound.  Her condition; dull coat, underweight, cut and bruises and very sad eyes suggest a life of neglect and hardship, but this is all going to change now that she has […]

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Tippsy (Cat Friendly) (homed)

Tippsy has found her forever home with Kirsty and family! Tippsy is a small young black girl who has her whole life ahead of her. She is very people friendly, and tested cat friendly too! She has gone into foster with Sue and her two greyhounds and two cats. Her foster mum says: “Have just […]

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Skipper (Homed)

Skipper is proudly sponsored by Nerida   Skipper is a lovely natured black boy that loves to play. He is good on the lead, loves a lean and a cuddle and has such a happy face! He gets on very well with his lady grey neighbour at the kennels, and is also good with children […]

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Duchess (Homed)

Duchess is kindly sponsored by Kendal. We have fostered Duchess for almost 5 months now, and it has been nothing short of a joy. My name is Duchess and I’ve been in foster for five months now, after waiting for quite a while at kennels. My foster family says that I am polite, quiet and […]

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Skye (homed)

  Skye has gone on trial with Heather and Ken! Skye is being sponsored by Saraann Collins, and is currently in foster with Peter and Janet. Skye is a sweet, calm girl. You can see that by just looking at her face. No longer a puppy, she has a lovely, gentle nature and is just […]

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Bruce (Cat Friendly) (Homed)

Bruce is sponsored by Danielle White. Bruce came with Tommy the red brindle from West Wyalong.   Bruce is a friendly boy with a waggly tail. Instead of having his photo taken, he would much rather give you a cuddle and have a play! He is excellent at pulling faces, and we think he fancies […]

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