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Danny (Homed)

Danny is lucky to have Phillip & Jessica to sponsor him! Our Danny boy has the touch of the Irish about him with his red coat and twinkle in his eye. Despite the ginger he has a gentle loving temperament and is seeking a home that will take him for walks over green grassy hills […]

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Petey (Whippet) (homed)

We have been lucky enough to land ourselves with this GORGEOUS young man here. We have decided to call him Petey because he looks patchy like the cute dog from Little Rascals!!! Petey is just 1 year young and would love a home full of life and action. He needs a little bit of training, […]

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Phil (Homed)

  We are posting Phil for our friends in ACT. Is there anyone that can help foster or adopt this sweetheart? We would hate for him to go back to a kennel environment! Philip (Phil to his friends), who will turn 3 in October, is a Greyhound who was not suited to racing and never […]

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Jimmy (Homed)

Jimmy is grateful to Susan for sponsoring him!!   Just like Jimmy Reed, our Jimmy has plenty of rhythm! He moves to his own beat and is a bit shy but when he gets to know you his affectionate nature shines through and you could not ask for a more lovely companion. He likes a […]

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Sarah (Homed)

Thanks Nina & Luke for sponsoring sweet Sarah.   With her blue brindle coat and supermodel figure Sarah is the perfect partner. If you are looking for glamour and sophistication this mature lady grey is your match. Gentle but still playful, she is happy by herself or with company. Unfortunately Sarah thinks that cats do nothing for […]

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Rusty (Homed)

  Thanks Nicola for sponsoring Rusty!   Rusty is a mature dark brindle boy who has arrived with Sarah and Brandy . We think he’s the greyhound James Bond! The white bow tie on his chest means Rusty is always dressed for dinner – and of course he is quite a fan of the ladies. An adventurous […]

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Brandy (Homed)

Brandy is grateful to Jeannine & Greg for her sponsorship.   As sweet as a brandy snap dessert, with her red brindle coat and cream socks, Brandy is a lovely girl who has never raced. She has come in with Sarah and Rusty, and is sister to previous GR hounds Timmy and Ashy. She is out of puppy […]

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George (Homed)

  George is so happy to be sponsored by Carol! Curious George here is quite curious to find out what life for a pet greyhound is going to be like!  Having finished racing 8 months ago, he is ready to spend the rest of his days out of a kennel all the time – running or […]

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Pepper (Homed)

    Thanks to our long time supporters Liz ans Shelley for sponsoring Pepper.   Pepper is a small black beauty that was surrendered to us due to changing circumstances. She has a lovely gentle nature, and has lived with small dogs and young children. She is very friendly towards people and dogs big or small […]

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Penny (homed)

Penny is kindly sponsored by Dimity. How lazy can you get? I’ll have my snack while having a nap says Miss Penny here. Another black girl from the pound Penny is only a newbie so we are still getting to know her. But judging by this photo, she’s a lady of leisure! Please contact us […]

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