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Joey (Homed)

Joey is sponsored by Lisa. “I’m Joey and I love to jump and zoom down the runs at the kennels. I’m very friendly and playful with other dogs medium to large sized but cats and small dogs just aren’t my bag baby! I am very good on the lead, and I’m looking for a family […]

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Jillian (Homed)

Jillian is kindly sponsored by Margot & Sue.   “They say that good things come in small packages – my name is Jillian and I am definitely one of those! You see, because I am such a small girl I have to make myself heard to all the other bigger greyhounds, and the volunteers or […]

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Hadley (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Hadley is kindly sponsored b y Sarahann & Hadley.   “I’m Hadley and I bet you wish you had me! I’m not only laid back and extremely good looking (I passed my cat test and I’m very gentle with kiddies too!) but I’m also very good at ensuring the couch doesn’t fly away. This is […]

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Seamus (Homed)

Seamus is kindly sponsored by Ross.   “Hello there me name’s Seamus and I’m a charming redhead with a twinkle in me eye and a nose for the finer things in life. I’m lookin’ for a ma or pa who would like the luck o’ the Irish in their home and enjoy the odd gallivant […]

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Banana (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Banana s kindly sponsored by Sarahann.   “Hi I’m Banana and all my life so far I’ve thought the grass is always greener on the other side! I’ve been looking longingly past my gate just busting to get out towards that horizon and find a family to love me. Up to the present all my […]

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Ernie (Homed)

“Hi I’m Ernie and I am what they call a class clown. If greyhounds went to school, I would be sitting in the back row and always in trouble for wanting to get out and play instead of paying attention. I think that’s why I wasn’t much good at racing – I just want to […]

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Kerrie- Lee (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

My name is Kerrie- Lee, and although every houndie is special I am told I am just that little bit more special as it is not often GR has the mama dog of other dogs they have saved. I am mama to Grace Kelly and Harrison(now Flash) that were rescued as puppies and have found […]

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Cookie (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

  My name is Choc Chip Cookie – you can call me Cookie – and I am sister to Pearl and Biscuit who have already found their homes. My foster Mummy says that what I really should be called is The Cookie Monster because I LOVE DOGGY COOKIES!!! Cookies….Om nom nom nom nom. Of course, […]

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Lucy (Homed)

Lucy is in foster in Canberra. This is what her foster family says about her: “Lucy aka: Lucy Liu, bubba, precious, sweet angel, is a beautiful 2.5 yo fawn/ red haired girl. She has been in foster care for 2 months to assist her in overcoming obstacles preventing her from being a confident young lady. […]

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Billy (Homed)

Billy is kindly sponsored by Rogan & Katrina. “Hi my name is Billy and I am patiently waiting for my forever home. I am a good natured boy and fancy myself a bit of a cassanova. I’m the sort of guy you want to take to the movies and sit in the back row so […]

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