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Inca (Homed)

Inca is kindly sponsored by Jade.   I’m Inca and unlike the Inca warriors of long ago the only things I want to conquer is your lounge, the foodbowl, and your heart (not necessarily in that order!) Of course by conquering those three things I’ll have taken over your world anyway, but being a lazy greyhound […]

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Adele (Homed)

Adele is kindly sponsored by Sue.   Adele is a curvy little cutie looking for her forever home…it’s probably best if she sings her story to you… “Hello? Can you hear me? I’m in kennels dreaming about a couch and family. I’m so young – and now I’m free I’m forgetting how it felt before […]

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Gilbert (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Gilbert is kindly sponsored by Jodi.   What’s eating Gilbert Greyhound? He wants a home! “My name’s Gilbert, and I’m a happy boy looking for my forever lounge. I am other dog friendly (big or small), great with kiddies, and I have also tested cat tolerant! If you give me a neck scratch I’m putty […]

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Smokey (Homed)

Smokey is kindly sponsored by Jenny & Jennifer.   I’m Smokey and I am one of the most loving gentle boys you will ever meet. I get on great with other dogs big or small, cats, and children. I’m a great snuggler and will happily lay on the lounge with you all night if I […]

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Jaxs (Homed)

Jaxs is kindly sponsored by Lisa & Karen & Jaci & Rob.   Hi I’m Jaxs and at under two years old I am still quite a playful pup. I love a good snuggle and being brushed, playing with my toys, and I don’t want to miss out on what’s going on around me. I […]

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Daenerys (Homed)

Daenerys is kindly sponsored by Rose & Jillian. ‘I’m Daenerys and I do have quite a ‘tail’ of woe to tell you – unfortunately I lost half of my tail due to an injury but I’m an independent girl that knows my own mind and if I can look past my misfortune I’m sure you […]

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Theon (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Theon is kindly sponsored by Belinda & Shelley.   I am Theon Greyhound and I just love everybody! I am very friendly, I get along with other doggies big and small, humans big and small, and joy oh joy I passed my cat test so I could live with them too! At only one year […]

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Harry (Homed)

Harry is kindly sponsored by Macha, Susan, Vanessa & Jacquline.   I’m Harry, and I have found myself in kennels through no fault of my own after being in a home for quite awhile. I would do much better if I could get a home or even just chill out at your place for awhile […]

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Adam (Homed)

Adam is kindly sponsored by Carol and Nicole.   “I’m Adam and me and my friend Amelia arrived together looking  a bit neglected! Thanks to the volunteers at GR I’m now a happy healthy boy and ready for a home. I am  a bit of a dude once you get past my shyness and think myself […]

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Jack (Homed)

Jack is being sponsored by Lee Barry. Thank you ! My name is Jack and I am a professional snuggler. OK, maybe not professional, there isn’t a diploma for that, but if there were I would pass with honours. I am looking for someone who needs LOTS of cuddles. I am very good with other […]

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