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Hi there, I’m Orion! I’m a big loveable goofball who is sure to keep you entertained with my playful and cheeky ways. I love walks and adventures and just about everything, really – so I can’t wait to get out there and explore the world! I get along great with other dogs, but I can […]

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Hi there, I’m Spritz! With my sweet and bubbly personality, I’m sure to add some refreshment to your life. I’m a happy boy who enjoys being active, so if you’re looking for a buddy to go on some adventure walks, that sounds greyt to me! I came to Greyhound Rescue in need of a bit […]

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Ciao, mi chiamo Massimo! I’m a friendly and oh so handsome boy who just loves hanging around with humans. My favourite things are playtime, asking for pats, going for walks… anything that we can do together really! Oh, and I love food too – I guess you could say I’m pretty easy to please! I […]

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Hi there, I’m Faker – aka Faker the heart breaker! I’m a handsome dude who is definitely not shy about asking for some attention – in fact I just love seeking out all the pats I can get. Despite my name, I am definitely the real deal, and with my winning personality I’m sure you […]

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Hi there, I’m Bentayga, or you can call me Benny for short! I’m a sweet and handsome boy who gets along well with dogs of all sizes. I am a bit of a timid boy though, and things like loud noises or too many people can make me quite nervous. Because of that, I’m looking […]

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Hi there, I’m Rex. Some call me the Zoolander of the greyhound world because as you might have noticed, I’m really really ridiculously good looking! Don’t worry though, I don’t let it go to my head. I’m a big boy but despite my size, I’m quite the gentle giant and I just love coming up […]

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Owen (on trial)

I’m Owen, the happiest boy you will ever meet! I’m just bursting with so much enthusiasm for life and I like to channel it all through my tail, so I’ve got the waggiest tail around. I’m a super playful boy too, so if you’ve got some time to play with me, that would be swell! […]

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Hi there, I’m Whiskey, and if you’re thinking of adopting a greyhound, I’m all ears! Get it? I think my ears are my best feature – you can bet I’ll never miss the sound of a snack packet being opened! I’m a bouncy boy with plenty of enthusiasm for life and especially for toys – […]

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Ola, I’m Pedro! I’m a friendly boy who definitely has two ears, although the second one is often missing in action… I guess you might call that my signature look! I love to hang out with humans and other doggies – they’re all future friends, if you ask me! I’ve been very gentle with the […]

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Prancer (on trial)

I’m Prancer, the sweetest boy with the fluffiest fur! My third birthday was just before Christmas, and I arrived at Greyhound Rescue just in time to celebrate both of them with lots of new friends! I have the softest coat ever, so it’s good that I just love asking for pats and affection, because you […]

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