Grace Kelly (Homed)


This is what Grace has to say about herself:

“My name is Grace Kelly and I came to GR at 16 weeks old with pathological (that’s a very big word for a baby greyhound) fractures in my back legs! I am now a 10 month old puppy with a healthy life ahead of me. Because I’ve been a long term foster until my little legs grew and recovered, I’ve had lots of TLC from two foster families who have had their own dogs as well as other fosters in and out of the house. As a result I’ve been very well socialised with dogs of various breeds and sizes, and my foster families say I am growing into a well- rounded dog. I’m used to living with lots of company, so I’m very adaptable.

I have been learning Come! On Your Bed! Stay! Look! And Leave It! but I’m an independent girl that knows my own mind so I still need a bit of convincing to do what I’m asked (my foster mum says it’s called Training but I like to think of it as Treating hehehehe).

I’m looking for a forever home that might have a friend or I will get very lonely if you are at work all day. Both of my foster mummies say I would benefit from having an older (and bigger dog) dog boss me around (well that’s what they think anyway! I’ll just let them think I’m bossed around…)

I have been getting various treatments to rehabilitate my legs, including visits to hydrotherapy with Sharon at K9 Swim. I love water – when I was only very very little I liked to launch my whole body into the water bucket for a drink, but now I’m bigger I can’t quite work out why this doesn’t work anymore so I have to make do with putting my whole head in instead! Life will never be boring with me!”

Grace is as elegant as her namesake but hidden behind that sleek physique is a cheeky little kleptomaniac who can often be found roaching away with her collection of soft toys, as well as her foster parents’ belongings (socks and undies are her favourite!). She is outgoing and playful, affectionate, and loves to snuggle, you can’t help but fall in love with this little lady.

As she is still a puppy and has a very determined and independent personality that has got her through the knocks of her early life, Grace will need a family that has the time to commit to reinforcing her dog manners and ongoing training. She is compatible with children over 10, and small dogs. To continue to live with  very small dogs Grace will need the right introductions, ongoing supervision, and reinforcement.

If you think you have the right palace…erm, we mean home…to fit her royal highness, or have any questions please contact us

Grace is:

  • 9 months old (DOB 12.6.14)
  • Located in Sydney/ Blue Mountains
  • Adoption cost $400
  • Desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Not cat tolerant
  • Small dog tolerant
  • Child friendly (over 10)
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