More foster homes

February and March seem to have been the months for foster homes but not forever homes. We are very grateful to the number of people who have come forward to help with fostering a greyhound and this week end has seen Blackie go to Peter and Claire in Ermington, Louis go to Andy at Beacon Hill and Oliver go to Colleen and family at Wentworthville, who have already adopted Angie. Thank you again to all of these people and this means that we can now bring more greyhounds home to learn the ropes of living in a house as opposed to a kennel.

If anyone else can help in this way, then please contact us as we still have more greyhounds in kennels.

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Foster Homes

Thank you to Jessica who is looking after Dasher and Tinsel, Jody and Richard who are looking after Anna and now Carol and family who are looking after the charismatic Tiger. We are very grateful to you all for the help that you are giving us. Every greyhound that goes into a foster home means that we can bring one more home from kennels to not only live in more comfortable surroundings but also learn how to live in a home with vacuums, washing machines, little dogs etc.

If you can help by fostering a greyhound, or adopting one, you would be doing a wonderful service and we would be very grateful to you. Please contact Peter or Janet on 0412 562 104

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Foster homes coming in

On Friday the ‘Manly Daily’ ran a small article for us and we have had a heartwarming response, with 3 greyhounds already installed in foster homes this week-end as a result and two more potential foster families to follow up. Thank you to all those who have helped so generously and responded so quickly.

However, we still have a lot more greyhounds who are currently in kennels and we would love them to be living in homes with foster carers. So if you can help us and foster a beautiful greyhound, they are so gentle and affectionate you just have to experience it to believe it, then you would be doing a wonderful thing for the animal world.

Please email or call us on 02 9453 0602 or 0412 562 104

Peter and Jan

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Even greyhounds go camping!!


So you think having a greyhound might cramp your style for holidays? Well, Willoughby must be one of the luckiest greyhounds that we have homed as he goes along on the family camping holiday, with doggie friend Thandi, roaming the fields and rivers, lying in the surf and they even have their own tent!! Lucky boy. Next time we hope to see Willoughby on the surf board!!

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The new Holly


Holly has found her forever home with Karen in Newtown.

Holly is an extremely affectionate greyhound who just loves to be with you and she has a glossy black coat with a hint of dark brown in it. She gets on well with both large and small dogs and on top of that she is also CAT FRIENDLY. Holly walks well on a lead and papers are available from her ‘racing’ days. Ann wrote of Holly ‘I am one of the foster mums for Holly. Holly joined our family of two Greys and nine indoor cats a few months ago. What an affectionate girl Holly is and very considerate/respectful towards her feline cousins. Holly has been in the wrong place at the wrong time (easily done with cats) and has been scratched a few time just as a reminder that the felines rule this household. Without even blinking an eyelid Holly removed herself from the area (yelping) and licked her wounds (minor) to the lounge. We have been introducing Holly to new experiences such as going to the beach, cafes etc. Whilst a little unsure at first of these new experiences, as long as she is shown love and lots of touching she embraces the experiences. What a water girl she is, well at home in the clam shell shallow bath that is. Holly is a very clean dog as she is often seen washing her paws in the clam shell water. Holly would be well suited to a home where she has the company of another dog. Also Holly just loves being around humans. Whoever gets to be Holly’s forever parent(s) will be very lucky indeed. Between you and me she is more affectionate then my two Greys.’

Holly is:

6 years old (dob Nov 2003)




heartworm tested


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Patch has found her forever home in Katoomba with Vanessa and Peter, and Socks of course.

Patch arrived with her sister Socks and they are two gorgeous girls. Patch is small for a greyhound with a very gentle nature, unusual colouring and is in excellent condition. Both girls walk easily on a lead, get on well with all other dogs and would make ideal family pets. They need a home together.

Patch is:

*  4 years old(dob March 2006)

*  desexed

*  microchipped

*  vaccinated

*  heartworm tested and injected

*  costs $250

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Socks has found her forever home with Vanessa and Peter in Katoomba, and Patch of course.

Socks arrived with her sister Patch and they are two gorgeous girls. Socks is small for a greyhound with a beautiful temperament and unusual colouring. They are both very gentle, get on well with other dogs,walk easily on a lead and would make ideal family pets. They need a home together.

Socks is:

*  4 years old(dob March 2006)

*  desexed

*  microchipped

*  vaccinated

*  heartworm tested and injected

*  costs $250

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Blackie has found a forever home with long term foster carers Peter and Clare

Blackie arrived in tip top condition with a beautiful glistening coat, white shiny teeth and was obviously very well looked after by his trainer. He is a bit shy but like all greyhounds he is very affectionate and loves a cuddle. He is small dog friendly and walks easily on a lead.


Blackie is:

  • 4 years old (DOB May 2006)
  • male
  • desexed
  • vaccinated
  • microchipped
  • heartworm tested

Blackie is $250 which covers his desexing, microchip and vet checks.

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Danny has found his forever home with Ruth in Victoria.

Oh Danny Boy!! What a beautiful blue boy he is and he reminds me of Roger in our ‘Older Posts’, a very gentle boy who is still looking for a home. We hope that Danny has more luck than Roger has had. Isn’t he just a stunning Blue !

Danny is:

Approx 2 years old




Heartworm tested and injected

Costs $250

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New Year, new action

Xmas was extremely quiet for greyhound inquiries but the New Year has burst upon us with renewed activity and in the last two weeks 5 greyhounds have gone to prospective homes, namely Angie,Poppy, Amy, Girlie, Judy.

So good luck to all the greyhounds and all the families

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