Marigold’s new home

Hi Peter and Janet

I just wanted to write to you to let you know that Marigold is going very well and seems extremely happy being here. I’ll send you a few photos of her.

We have a fenced off leash dog park near our place where we take her and she is extremely happy playing with other dogs, she’s not as shy as other greyhounds!!

We have also been going to the sand hills almost everyday and after playing in the water and running up and down a few hills she is happy to sleep for the rest of the day!! She has taken over the lounge completely but likes to divide her time between the lounge and the bed too.

Her relationship with our other greyhound Sammy (who is a year old) is perfect (of course) and Sammy has become very dependent on her big sister Marigold, following her around home and copying everything she does! (As you will see in the photo together on the lounge, Sammy is happy to give up being comfortable just to be closer to Mari).

Marigold is very playful when at the dog park or running on the oval but is very happy coming home to lay on the mattress in the sun.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do, we are very pleased to see Marigold so happy.

I hope we can adopt another one day!

033055Bernadette and Christian


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‘ I held these dogs with tears in my eyes as they went to sleep’

This week ‘Greyhound’ Trevor went on trial to a new home. Good luck Trevor.

It has been quiet recently in terms of homing greyhounds, but we will need lots of support in the very near future as there are many greyhounds arriving. Not only are we receiving many greyhounds but there are so many available that all the rescue groups together could not cope with the regular influx. In fact many more greyhounds do not make it to the rescue groups, as shown by this very sad and moving email that we received last week:


My name is Elle and I am 21 years of age. I am a veterinary nurse and on Monday worked in a clinic that had a high volume of Greyhound patients. This is through trainers and owners, and the veterinarian does a lot of ‘implants’ for Greyhound breeding.
I was disgusted at what went on there. This is not against the clinic but rather the entire industry. We had ‘trainers’ and owners literally dropping these dogs off (one owner dropped off a group of 5) to be euthanased because they did not run fast enough. These AMAZING and beautiful Greyhounds were only on average 1 and a half years old.
This needs to stop. I know that Greyhounds are left in terrible conditions and that euthanasing them is considered the ‘humane’ option (yes it is painless) but it is SO wrong and unjustified for their lives to be lost to an industry that SHOULD NOT EXIST.
I was wondering if you knew how I could have my voice be heard? I am in no way claiming I know anything about the industry, rather I am a vet nurse who held these dogs with tears in my eyes as they went to sleep.
These incredible dogs are being lost every day, if only more people knew about it before they place their bet that would inevitably support their deaths.
Thank you so much for your time,
Did you shed a tear when you read this email? I did and if you have the heart and a spare place in your home to save one of these beautiful creatures that do make it through to us, please contact us so that we will have room to save another one.
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Foster Carers Cartoon


A big thank you to Danielle for allowing us to use this cartoon. Danielle can be found at

If you would like to help the poor greyhound in chains, please contact us at

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News update

Things have been ticking over recently. Both Snoopy and Marigold have successfully completed their trial periods and found their forever home. Benjamin is now being fostered by Mechelle who also has Biddy. Mechelle lives just south of Liverpool, so her two greyhounds would be good ones to look at for anyone living in that region. Jessica has also started helping us a lot and she lives near Liverpool, so there are people out that way to contact if you want some help.

Jack, our latest arrival, is a tall, handsome Red Fawn, who was desexed on Tuesday. Jack is very laid back and easy going and would make a nice pair with Meggie, also a Red Fawn, for someone looking for two greyhounds. Fiona and Michael fostered Roger for a while, see their comments on Roger’s profile, but are now going on holiday, so he is back home with us and I never cease to be amazed what a beautiful boy Roger is, quiet, easy going, gets on well with all the dogs, also children. He has a thick coat which is an unusual dark blue, he is just coming up for 3 years old, but still has the puppy playfullness in him. He will make a wonderful family pet.

Continuing the story of Remy, the ten year old who found a home in Jindabyne with Lois, just look at him enjoying the experience of snow!! How many greyhounds have done that in their lives, let alone at a grand old age.

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Carlo’s new home

A beautiful, big Red Fawn was our Billy, who was adopted by Monique and Bill. Monique has helped us a lot by making greyhound coats, etc and we are very grateful to her, not only for that, but for giving Billy, now Carlo, which sounds much better, a wonderful home. So thank you to Monique and Bill from ourselves and more importantly from Carlo. Monique and Bill wrote:

‘After loosing our 3 dogs last year, 2 standard poodles and a little foxy cross, we were absolutely devastated.

A few months later, our daughter rescued a beautiful girl, Comet. She has been a delight to have.

For us though, the big hole left by the loss of our poodles was not filled so we decided to look for a rescue dog.

Through Peter and Janet, we found our beautiful greyhound Carlo. We fell in love with him instantly. He is the most gentle, affectionate and calm dog. We just adore him. Greyhounds make the most wonderful pets.

Comet and Carlo are inseparable and love playing with each other. In the photo there is also Mickie, our second daughter’s rescue dog – Mickie is part greyhound.

We would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to Peter and Janet for their tireless work in rescuing greyhounds. They do such an amazing job.

All the best

Bill and Monique’


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Winston’s new home

On Friday, Winston flew up to Grafton to his new home with Bev. He was very nervous and apprehensive with the noise and bussle at the airport, but apparently settled in very quickly on arrival at Grafton, getting on very well with the cats and everything else around. So good luck to Winston and Bev and family.

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After fostering Roy for a while, David and Janet have decided they cannot live without Roy and wrote ‘Roy is doing extremely well and become a very loved part of not only our family, but our neighbours and team at work.

He has learnt to ignore the cats (we have 2 Burmese who are very territorial and are still a bit wary of his size). His favourite toy is a fluffy stuffed flea which he carries to bed each night. He has taken to ‘collecting’ things to put in his bed including the toilet brush from the office bathroom which he carried for our clients while we were having a meeting…he never ceases to bring a smile to everyone’s face with his gentle antics.

He greets us every morning with relentless enthusiasm, joy and gratitude – we should all take a leaf out of his book.

Thanks for introducing us to Roy.

Best regards,
David and Janet, (Jedda, Chubby, Sally, Moet and Baci – and now Roy)’

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William and friends

William, the big red fawn greyhound in the photo, was adopted by Nicolle who sent this photo to illustrate how some greyhounds can mix in with any dogs. What a peaceful scene and thank you to Nicolle for the photo.greyhoundrescuecomau

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Good news. Roy has been fostered by David and Janet for a while now and they have found that they cannot live without him, so Roy has become a permanent member of their family. So thank you to David and Janet and we hope you all have a great life together.

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Petunia and the ‘Oldies’ in Jindabyne

Today Petunia joined Marcy and Andre in Cherrybrook for a two week trial, so good luck to them all. Petunia has put on about 3 kg since she joined us as a skinny girl in the Cafe Bones park and now looks much better for it.

Some more piccies of Remy and Tassie, the two ten year olds who made a new start to their lives with Lois in Jindabyne. They are obviously having the time of their lives and making up for lost time.


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