Sarah has successfully completed her two week trial with Alyson and family and found her forever home.

These photos probably do not do justice to the very soft and gentle nature of Sarah. She really is a ‘sweetheart’ who will make some family a wonderful companion. Sarah is 6 years old and in the other ‘Dogs Available’ you will see Jack, Charlie and Anne who are Sarah’s offspring, who are aged 4 years, so Sarah had her puppies at a very tender age and would not have raced. Sarah has recently taken young Curly under her wing, further proof of her strong maternal instincts.

Sarah is:

*  6 years old

*  desexed

*  vaccinated

*  microchipped

*  heartworm tested

*  costs $300

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greyhoundrescue-2comauShawee has found her forever home with her foster carers, Ruth and Tony, near Melbourne, Victoria.

Shawee is the daughter of Stacey and sister of April, previously mentioned on the website and is also looking for a home.

She is an older, gentle girl who has a lovely personality and would make an excellent family pet.

Shawee is:

*  8 years old

*  desexed

*  microchipped

*  vaccinated

*  heartworm tested

*  costs $250

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Louis Now “Max”


Louis has found his forever home in Victoria.

Louis is a beautiful and unique greyhound. His coat is a stunning beige colour, and has a beautiful silky smooth texture. This, along with his stockier build, makes him a very handsome boy indeed.

He is very trusting and sensitive and gets on really well with other dogs , both large and small, as well as children. he is toilet trained and walks very easily on a lead.

Louis would be well suited to a family situation with at least one other dog as he loves company and where regular affection and cuddles abound.

Louis is currently living with 3 small dogs in his foster home and is having lots of fun playing with them all!! He is a very special greyhound with loads of personality.

Louis would make a life long friend to a family lucky enough to provide his forever home.

Louis the greyhound

Louis is:

  • 4 years old (dob March 2006)
  • desexed
  • microchipped
  • vaccinated
  • heartworm tested and injected
  • costs $250
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Pebbles has found her forever home with John and Sunita in Singapore.

Pebbles is a beautiful, very gentle girl who is reputedly chook friendly and therefore everything friendly, which includes cats!! She is a Red Brindle, which is a rather unusual colouring and would make an excellent family pet.

Pebbles is:

*  nearly 6 years old (dob July 2004)

*  desexed

*  vaccinated

*  microchipped

*  heartworm tested

*  costs $250

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Joe and Isi, previously Joseph and Susie


It is heartwarming indeed to receive these beautiful photos of Joseph and Susie with Nick, their new proud owner. Joseph has become Joe and Susie has become Isi after the Greek Goddess Isis. Rescue is at times very hard but these photos and the story below from Nick makes it all worthwhile. We are indeed indebted to Nick for giving these two greyhounds such a wonderful home and also for exploring their training potential, an aspect rarely touched on.

Nick writes:  ‘Joseph and Isis (Joe and Isi) already seem like part of the furniture: definitely part of the couch in Isi’s case! That glint in the eye that first attracted me in Joseph’s profile really does reflect his attitude to life. Tail whacking from side to side, he throws himself into everything and is a big, bold character, always willing to try new experiences and very quick to learn. Just in the last fortnight he has mastered sit, drop, stay and come and we have just start RSPCA ”Life Skills” training to see what else the keen hound mind can turn itself to.

Isi in contrast, is a little timid in new situations, always gentle and she truly is the couch goddess. She has a quietly playful nature; her favourite game being to grab the shoe you are looking for and take off with a “catch me if you want it back” look. Which she knows of course I’m never going to be able to do, especially hopping around on one leg!

It seems I needn’t have worried about my chickens as Joe and Isi quickly picked up that casual observation is OK but running at the pen is not. Now the chickens seem to be “ho-hum” and the hounds are looking for their next form of entertainment…..

Thanks very much to Peter and Jan for making it possible for me to adopt two such beautiful, fast(!),friendly and entertaining housemates.’

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The New Thomas


Thomas has found his forever home with Linda and Kelly.

Thomas is a typically affectionate greyhound, loves his cuddles and nothing better than being with you, he is what is known as a ‘velcro dog’!!

He gets on very well with other dogs both large and small.
Thomas will need an understanding and patient new owner who can help build his confidence as he can be a little shy when he first meets you. His current foster carer is doing a wonderful job and Thomas is coming out of his shell more and more everyday. Once he gets to know you, he will become your new best friend!
He walks very easily on a lead and would make an ideal companion pet.
Thomas would cope with being an only dog in his forever home, but could happily live with a non dominant large or medium sized dog too. He has been great around other dogs as play buddies i.e family and friend’s dogs, (as you can see in the photos – meeting his regular buddies at the park!)
Thomas is very well toilet trained and would need to be an inside dog in his forever home, he is happy to be outside in a sheltered area when you are not at home. He enjoys going for walks at least twice a day and also his home comforts -snuggling up in his bed and snoozing.
Thomas has been waiting quite a while for his forever home and has come a long long way from the skinny shy boy who crossed Greyhound Rescue’s doorstep many months ago. He has put on weight, and his coat is now a stunning shiny black – all thanks to his foster carer! (He has gained nearly 4 kilos in weight in the last five weeks!!)

Thomas is:

5 years old (dob March 2005)



heartworm tested


costs $300

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Chloe, cat friendly

p1100967p1110544Chloe has found her forever home with Rali in Canberra.

Chloe is a beautiful young greyhound who has just joined us and at the tender age of 17 months is hardly more than a puppy. She is a Red Fawn who is very gentle, even a bit shy at this stage, but is slowly settling in and has  become more confident. She has easily accepted other dogs around her, both large and small dogs and if she is a failed racer at this tender age, then she is certainly not going to go chasing anything.

Further to that Chloe is now being fostered in a home which currently has 10 cats and 3 kittens and she is no problem living amongst them. So she is definitely CAT FRIENDLY!!

Chloe is:

*  17 months old (dob Jan 2009)

*  desexed

*  vaccinated

*  microchipped

*  heartworm tested

*  costs $250

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Sandy has found her forever home with Nadine, Joe and family.

Sandy is a beautiful colour, having the red of the Red fawn but also the dusky tinge of the Blue Fawn. Sandy has just arrived and her foster carer writes:

‘She is very inquisitive & likes looking at the TV-She even walks around the back to see where the picture is coming from. She likes to play with anything she can get her paws on. She pinches things & runs around with it in her mouth, not killing it but throwing & pouncing.

She does like to jump up on the kitchen bench for a look, so we are working on that & has started to ignore the birds(inside & out).

Sandy behaves well in the car & sits or lays down & is house trained, as she scratches the door when she wants to come in & go out. She will be a great for a family.’

Sandy is:

*  2 years old (dob Jan 2008)

*  desexed

*  vaccinated

*  microchipped

*  heartworm tested

* costs $250

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p1110263p1120336Baby has found her forever home with Wendy and family.

Who says you are too old at the age of eight? Baby certainly isn’t. You can see from this beautiful photo that Baby is as young as ever and as well as being exceptionally gentle and affectionate, and will sleep in your bed if you let her, she can still play when she wants to and gets involved with what is happening around her. Baby is the ideal greyhound, gentle on the lead, lives with little dogs, loves a cuddle,…….who could resist her? In the second photo she watches over Britney, our 10 year old Blue girl.

Baby is:

* 8 years old

*  desexed

* vaccinated

*  microchipped

*  heartworm tested

*  costs $250

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Garage Sale raises $1840!!

p1100606The beautiful Sharon, pictured with greyhounds Solo and Rex, has a big and generous heart and is also a genius at raising money. Sharon offered to do a garage sale for us, the second one she has done and raised an incredible $1840!! She worked very hard for us and we cannot thank Sharon enough for all her efforts and any of her friends who also gave a hand or donated items. Thanks must also go Fiona and daughters Charlotte and Natasha for baking cakes and donating lots of their Barbie dolls and to Maureen who also baked some cakes.

Thank you Sharon, we very much appreciate what you have done for the greyhounds.

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