Hi there! I’m Tiny Tim – well, really it’s officially Timmy, they just call me that because I’m a rather petite little guy. That’s OK though – who says size matters? It just means I’ll be able to fit on your couch that much more easily!

I’m a timid boy and so will need an extra-special home, please, with people who will take the time to carefully and gently bring me out of my shell.

This big wide world is so new to me so I can be a little shy to begin with. I like to take my time to get used to new situations and people, but once I get to know you I’m really very sweet. So far I’ve been getting on greyt with the other greyhounds I meet – but I am probably better off being the only dog in your happy home. More pats for me, right?

I haven’t met any kids yet but they should be OK too as long as they’re a little bit older and understand I may need some time and space to get used to this business of being a pet.

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Annie (homed)

Hi, I’m Annie and even though I’m a petite little girl, what I lack in size, I make up for in personality! I’m a fun loving girl, the life of the party. I absolutely love spending time with people, so you know there will always be an extra big smile and cuddle to greet you when you get home. What I’m looking for is a home with loads of toys to play with and maybe a backyard to stretch my legs with a zoomie or two. Being the fun-loving girl I am, I’m happy to have a playmate and have been greyt with all of the other hounds I’ve met here at the kennels.

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Zeussi (homed)

Hi, I’m Zeussi… kind of like Zeus but the extra ‘I’ is for… IRRESISTIBLE! I’m a handsome big boy with a larger than life personality to match! I enjoy the simple pleasures in life –  snoozing, snacking, squeaky toys, and taste testing. Did I mention food? Just in case you missed it I LOVE food! I’ve been good with the other greyhounds I’ve met so far, but I definitely prefer the company of the lady-hounds.

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Macarthur Chronicle – Charity Greyhound Rescue race into Camden

Dozens of forgotten greyhound heroes have raced into Camden, with charity organisation Greyhound Rescue finding a new home in the region’s rural outskirts.

Stretching across a spacious five acres with space for close to 50 greyhounds, Greyhound Rescue secretary Sue Bradshaw said the new home will allow the charity to rescue more greyhounds than ever before.

“We’ve moved to a new location near Camden. We’ll be able to rescue a greater number of greyhounds,” she said.

“We found five possible locations and we decided Camden was the best fit. We have plenty of area in our new home and we have inherited an old animal maintenance facility so it is great.”

The gentle, low maintenance greyhound is perfect as a family pet, described as beautiful, affectionate and loving.

“They make great pets for all ages,” said Ms Bradshaw. “They are 70-km per hour couch potatoes. They need only a 20 minute walk each day, unlike most other dogs, but will enjoy more. They have no doggie smell, shed little hair and seldom bark.”

Ms Bradshaw said the charity is searching for volunteers to assist the rescue effort.

“To care for the dogs each day is a big team effort by our marvellous volunteers,” she said. “The work includes cleaning, feeding, walking, washing, brushing, pooper-scooping, bucket filling, grass cutting, repairing, and maintenance.

“Volunteers feel a special sense of self-worth as they are doing something great with similar-minded people and working with beautiful animals.”


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D’Arcy (on trial)

Due to circumstances beyond their control, D’Arcy’s owner can no longer keep him, so Greyhound Rescue is assisting in finding him a new home. D’Arcy is a sweet-natured boy who’s almost 8, he’s also already passed his Greenhound assessment, so no muzzles for him!

Here’s what D’Arcy’s current owner says about him:

D’Arcy is a quiet, good-natured, gentle rescue Greyhound. He likes to spend his days lounging on the veranda in and out of the sun. He lives outside in the daytime and in the living room at night. If there is somebody around he will generally go and lie beside them. If there is a rug or a mat put out he will make it his home.

A yard would be nice, as he likes to run and play. However, he has lived in smaller places and can zoomie on a small rug and still tire himself out.

D’arcy loves to go out and about in the car, for a walk, or even to the Vet. He is happy to wait patiently at home while the family is at work/school and amuse himself with his toys or sleeping in the backyard. He is a confident dog who adores meeting new people and having his neck scratched. He seems content to be an only dog.

He isn’t territorial, and as with most greyhounds doesn’t bark. He is very friendly with children but will walk away if they are too boisterous. I believe he would be most suited to a quieter household, possibly retired owners. He has lived with other dogs before us and during holiday breaks with no issues.

He doesn’t pull on the lead and generally prefers 2 short walks a day. He is always excited to welcome you home and is not anxious about being left alone when I leave in the morning. He loves routine.

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Greyhound Rescue would like to thank PetO!

Greyhound Rescue would like to extend a hugethanks to PetO for their generous donation of dog beds to keep out hounds comfy in our new kennels.

Check out more about PetO here »

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Reduced adoption fees until the end of January

Our kennels are full of hounds who need your help. If you’ve been toying with the idea of bringing home your new best friend, then now is the time! January is a usually a quiet month; the ideal time for settling in a new family member.

We’re offering reduced adoption fees to help more pups find their forever homes from now until 31st January, 2018. We’ve waived our usual $100 deposit- any greyhound that goes on trial will only cost $250 to adopt, and final payment will not be required until the end of February 2018!

Can you give a greyhound a forever home? This is the perfect opportunity to adopt! Get started on the best decision you’ll ever make. All you need to do is complete our application form.

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Have you considered your hound on New Years Eve?

Many dogs and other animals are frightened by the sounds of fireworks and can be distressed by crowds and parties. Follow these tips to help keep your furry friends safe;

  • Ensure that your pets have a safe place to retreat away from noise and crowds, particularly unfamiliar people who may be acting rowdy.
  • Before the festivities, take your dog for a long walk (weather permitting) so that they have used up some excess energy and are able to relax.
  • A scared animal may go to great lengths to escape a perceived threat; jumping fences, breaking free from tethers, and smashing through windows are just some of the lengths that a terrified pet could go to.
  • Double check that your dog has a sturdy collar that isn’t going to come off easily, and that your contact details are clear on the tags. Also, make sure that microchip details are up to date.
  • If you’re hosting or attending a party, keep a very close eye on your pet or keep them separated from party goers. You don’t want your dog to ingest something that she shouldn’t, and we all know that people can be silly under the influence.
  • If your dog does become nervous, sit with them and speak calmly. Generally, dogs don’t mind the topic of conversation, but a calm and soothing familiar voice can work wonders to relax them. Treats may also be appreciated.
  • A normally placid dog can behave unpredictably under stress and this can include destructive and defensive behaviours. Forward thinking and planning can help prevent any problems.
  • Watch out for signs of distress such as heavy panting/drooling, freezing, growling, pacing, excessive licking and avoidance. These signs show that a situation is simply too much for your dog and you should remove him to a safe and calm place.

Our dogs look to us for guidance and rely on us to keep them safe from harm, it is up to you to ensure that your pooch has a happy NYE.

From all the doggies and volunteers here at Greyhound Rescue, we wish you and your loved ones, both two-legged and four, a fabulous 2018!

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Julie (homed)

Hi, I’m Julie and I’m 8 years young. Even though getting a little grey around the muzzle, I’m still young at heart. I mean, what are a few grey hairs between friends? I’m a gentle girl and I love nothing more than being the centre of attention while I’m getting a good cuddle. I’m more than happy to quietly sit with you and just watch the world go by but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good zoomie now and then!

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Vivienne (homed)

Hi there! My name is Vivienne and I’m petite, charming little girl with plenty of personality. Everyone is always telling me how sweet I am. I’m what you might call a real ‘velcro dog’, wherever you go – there I am! I adore sticking close by people because it maximises my cuddle opportunities. I don’t limit my affections to just humans though, I’m friendly with other doggos too.

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