It’s almost Christmas and we are sure you’ve already made plans to keep your houndie safe and happy over the holiday. But have you thought about New Year’s Eve yet? NYE can be one of the most distressing times for animals, and it is important to keep in mind the hazards fast approaching. Loud music and parties, fireworks, and owners keeping unusual hours can all lead to distress. The pounds are at their most full on  New Year’s Day with escaped pets. Don’t let your hound be one of them! A distressed and anxious dog can cause harm to themselves, and others if their anxiety escalates too much. It is important to recognise the behavioural signs of nervousness and act accordingly to keep your pet happy and healthy. Vet clinics are extremely busy New Year’s Day treating injuries sustained after panicking and attempting to escape, or managing to escape and being hit by a car. The number one consideration is to not leave your pets unattended for long periods of time – if you are going away even for a day and night they can’t fend for themselves – make arrangements for someone to look after them for you.


Is your animal’s registration up to date with your current address and contact details? If you are unsure you can contact your local council to check, all you need is your pet’s microchip number. Not sure what it is? Can’t find the paperwork? Ask your vet to scan for you. If your animal manages to escape this is how you can be reunited.

Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and ID tag, with your contact number. This should be standard in any case as it is a legal requirement in NSW for a dog to be wearing a collar and ID tag whenever they out of your property.  If your pet escapes this is the easiest and quickest way for you to be reunited as anyone finding your hound won’t have to wait for the vet or council to open to look for a microchip – extra important on public holidays when more time will lapse while you frantically search for your pooch.

If you are going out for the night DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PET OUTDOORS. Pets left outdoors are more likely to be frightened and escape in an effort to find a safe place than if they are secure indoors.

Take your hound for long walk, and spend time playing with he or she so they are tired and more likely to sleep while you are not at home. Giving a meal afterwards will leave them with a  full belly which will also make them more sleepy. It also helps to not make a big deal about leaving the house, just go quietly without making a big fuss.

If you haven’t had your pet for very long and don’t know how he or she reacts to loud noises or thunderstorms just yet – the best thing to do is to not leave your pet alone. If you know your pet does not cope well in thunderstorms, chances are fireworks are going to be just as scary. If you aren’t sure what behavioural signs to look for, anxiety will manifest in various forms such as:

  • Lip licking
  • Panting
  • Tail between legs
  • Trembling
  • Whining or barking a lot
  • Pacing, restlessness
  • Clawing at doors to get in or out
  • Destroying bedding, furniture or similar

What you can do:

  • If the anxiety is mild you can try putting the radio onto soothing music such as classic FM or putting on a CD of similar music. Leaving the television on is also comforting.
  • Close windows and draw blinds
  • Put your pet in a room where they will not hurt themselves. Leave them with their favourite bedding and toys. You can also leave puzzle treats such as a Kong or hide small puzzle treats around the room for a longer treasure hunt to distract them.

Know where your hound is! When unofficial fireworks start locate your dog quickly and put them somewhere safe, near you so you can monitor them.

If your hound has a higher level of anxiety, consider spending the night elsewhere – take your pooch somewhere quiet where they won’t hear the fireworks. This may take a bit of advance planning but a worthwhile consideration.

Or if you live somewhere that doesn’t have fireworks why not organise a NYE Pooch Party and invite your hound’s doggy friends and humans over? That way you can all celebrate the new year but know your pets are safe and supervised? No one misses out!

If this isn’t possible and your hound has a history of severe anxiety (known to your vet) chat to your hound’s dogtor about sedatives to assist in keeping he or she calm for the night. DON’T leave this option to the last minute, as this is something that will need to be properly assessed by the vet.

Have a happy and safe new year every doggy!

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Merry Christmas

2016 will forever be remembered as the year that Mike Baird raised our hopes sky high by banning Greyhound Racing only to dash those hopes by reversing his decision.

However, amidst this political upheaval, life went on as normal at Greyhound Rescue where we manage our property with room for more than 30 greyhounds, and work with an amazing network of foster carers and generous sponsors. Running this would not be possible without the help of many volunteers who clean, feed, and walk the greyhounds as well as giving them large doses of TLC in all weathers, pouring rain or 40 degree heat. Other volunteers work behind the scenes online, and raising valuable funds to keep us going.

We extend our gratitude to those who have donated to help us in our work with the greyhounds. We continue to find homes for many dogs, and by the end of the year expect to have homed about 150 greyhounds. Thank you to everyone involved and we wish you all a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Peter and Janet

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Queenie is proudly sponsored by Loving Care Mobile Veterinary Service, Dimity, Jeannine & Greg.


Hi I’m Queenie and with a name as regal as mine I’m expecting some royal treatment around here! I’m looking for a palace to call my own; a servant or two to serve my meals and chaperone my walks, and don’t forget a pillow plumper for my lounge! Don’t forget a few designer coats and neckwear will be in order. I’m not demanding really, it’s just the basics in life a greyhound deserves after all. I am sociable with other dogs, and friendly small dogs are no problem but please no cats. I do need of a confident doggy friend to keep me company as I don’t cope very well being by myself, and you wouldn’t want me to be sad while you are at work would you? I’ve already been in a home and got the basics wrapped up -I really am such a sweetheart,  if you think you can give me a palace get your people to contact my people!

  • DOB: 11.1.14
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption Fee:$350
  • Cat Tolerant:No
  • Other Dogs: Other dog friendly in general and friendly small dogs
  • Child Friendly: Yes


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Dallas (homed)

Dallas is kindly sponsored by Jillian & Rose


Hello I’m Dallas, brother to Grace Kelly and Harrison who already found their forever homes. I’m still only young but a racing career was not for me so I’m looking for a couch. I am toy crazy and will play games with you over and over if you let me. Unusually for a greyhound I can actually sit, and I have the cutest ears that stand up together (all the better to hear you with!). I would be best in a home with older children, and if you happen to have any teenage boys around that would be just the ticket. They play all kinds of ballgames, and I hear they are always munching on something so that means lots of FOOD! Get in touch with the volunteers

  • DOB: 12.06.14
  • Desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption cost $350
  • Cat tolerant: not tested
  • Other Dogs: Friendly
  • Children: Friendly, but best suited to a family with older children
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Mocha (Homed)

Mocha is kindly sponsored by Leigh & Pat.


Hi I’m Mocha, and just like the hot beverage I’m dark and sweet! Please don’t look past me becaus eI’m a little grey around the muzzle, as I am quite a catch. I’m a pretty lazy older gent even by greyhound standards, so it has to be REALLY worthwhile for me to get out of bed – I hope that you will make the effort to come and pat me of course…. If you adopt me consider me to be the resident couch ornament or doona weight, because I’m not going to move very much – you may even have to dust me to be honest! A short walk is all that’s required and I am very good on the lead. I am friendly with children; I’m great with other dogs and I do love the ladies – if you had a couple of girl doggies I don’t mind moving into a harem, it would be a tough job but somedoggy has to do it and it may as well be me. If you are looking for a gentle senior that just requires a comfy spot to snooze my days away, some good tucker, and lots of love, then I may just be the hound for you. Get in touch with the volunteers


  • DOB 25.02.08
  • Located in Sydney
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Adoption cost $350
  • Cat Tolerant: Not tested
  • Other Dogs: Very friendly
  • Children: Friendly
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Kate (Homed)

Hello I’m Kiss-Me-Kate and I live up to the reputation! I’m curious, cuddly, and just love to kiss you. I am very friendly and sociable (except cats, I don’t want to be sociable with them). Kiddies are ok by me as I’m just a baby myself at two years old.  I decided I just didn’t want to work at having a racing career and now I’m working at getting a lounge instead. I would really like it if your couch had another doggy to keep me company, or if you were at home a lot as I don’t really like being left by myself. Apart from kissing my major talent is stealing sniffing out any kind of food, and I fancy I could be the chief taste tester at your house (the volunteers recommend not leaving anything out for my counter surfing snout but don’t listen to them and leave out all the treats you want). If you think you might have room for me or my friends contact the volunteers

Kate is:

  • DOB:12.11.14
  • Desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption cost: $350
  • Cat Tolerant: No
  • Other Dogs: Very friendly
  • Children: Friendly
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Keeping Houndies Safe at Christmas



‘Tis the season to be jolly, and nodoggy wants a trip to the vet over the holidays! To help you houndie helpers and doggy parents out we’ve got a few tips for you to keep your hound happy and healthy while you are putting up your decorations and eating lots of human treats! Don’t forget if you are unsure about what your pet has ingested or if there has been an incident call your dogtor!


  • Make sure you anchor your Christmas tree securely to prevent a curious snout toppling it over
  • Sweep up pine needles (real or artificial regularly) so nodoggy licks them up by mistake
  • If you are decorating your tree with breakables put them up high out of reach, or better yet don’t use them at all.If they get knocked off they could be hazardous for paws. Also try and avoid tinsel which if ingested can cause serious issues and a trip to the vet.
  • DON’T decorate with edibles – they are far too tempting for houndies who will easily move from being counter surfers to tree surfers!
  • keep tree light cables secured and check regularly in case someone has had a nibble! Nobody wants an electric shock!
  • Use a  barrier around your tree if possible to prevent dogs from drinking the water for a real tree and DON’T add preservatives to the water, these are toxic.
  • Don’t leave presents under the tree where doggies can find them, especially if there is food in them.



  • Don’t give your dog cooked bones of any kind, as they can splinter in the stomach and intestine.
  • If you are cooking a ham or turkey make sure you don’t leave it on the bench for counter surfers to find. Instead of putting bones in the kitchen bin wrap them up and but them straight into your big bin outside. A determined dog will sniff out the bones and knock over your bin otherwise!
  • Don’t give too many human food scraps to your dog. Too much fatty foods can cause severe gastric upsets and even pancreatitis.
  • Chocolate, mince pies, plum puddings, fruit cake, alcohol and lots of other Christmas goodies are toxic for dogs. Put all food away and out of reach, and dispose of all wrappers, foil, and string in a secure bin.


Christmas is a busy and stressful time of year – don’t forget your hound can get stressed too! With lots of people coming and going, kiddies with noisy toys and everyone in a rush don’t forget to make your best friend comfy.

  • Ensure gates and doors are closed quickly, and remind guests to shut them. You may even pop up a note on your exterior doors as a reminder for people without pooches who could easily forget there is a four legged family member about!
  • If you have guests staying overnight keep doors to bedrooms shut and ask guests to make sure their bags or suitcases are closed securely. Also ask them if they have any medications to keep them out of reach of nosey needle noses!
  • If you can create a safe place for your hound to go away from all the noise and stress in another room. Give them their favourite toys and blankets, turn on the radio low to something soothing such as Classic FM, and give them a long lasting treat, and leave plenty of water.
  • If you are going out keep in mind it can be stressful for your pet to have an unusual routine, so don’t go out all day and night without checking on your hound. If you are taking your hound with you make sure you can put he or she somewhere safe for time out if need be too, and that wherever they are is safe and secure with people going in and out.

Have a safe Christmas!



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Beatrice is kindly sponsored by Shelley, Belinda, Nicola, Lisa, Noral, Andy, Sue & The No Meat Atheletes.


Hello I’m Beatrice, and I came in with my brothers Marlon and Humphrey and my sister Clementine. We are just babies and none of us have ever raced! I have been learning the ropes at GR with the volunteers but I would benefit from a family who can put time into teaching me dog manners and training. A doggy friend older than me would be of great help in learning how to be  a pet and also give me some company as I need a bit more entertainment than older doggies.  I would  be best with a yard to run around in because greyhound puppies have more energy than our seniors so I would not suit a unit. I am ever so loving and when I get ove rmy excitement to see you I will even sit and lean against your legs. I’m not sure if I should mention it but I am a fantastic kisser although I have been told there is quite a lot of tongue involved! If we ever go out to lunch don’t bring your napkin I’ll clean you up in no time! If you fancy a romance with me get in touch with the volunteers

  • DOB: 9.9.15
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption Cost: $350
  • Cat Tolerant: No
  • Other Dogs: Very Friendly
  • Children: Friendly
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Parker (Homed)

Parker is kindly sponsored by Anna, Jodi, Ashley & Nathan.


Hi I’m Peter Parker, but you can call me Parker….a nosey parker! With my needle nose looking into everything you can be certain I will leave nothing unturned in my quest for treats and toys. I am just a baby not even one yet and I just want to meet everybody and everything. I’m very friendly and get along with other doggies just fine, I would benefit being with another older dog to show me the ropes and also because I just wouldn’t like being alone. I will need someone who knows pups need a bit of extra time and patience while they learn, but I reckon you’ll let me get away with everything because I’m so cute! If you think you have room for me or one of my friends on your couch get in touch with the volunteers

Parker is:

  • DOB:4.2.16
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption Cost: $350
  • Cat Tolerant: Not Tested
  • Other Dogs: Very Friendly
  • Children: Friendly
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Toby is kindly sponsored by Nina, Luke, & Sarah.


“I’m Toby and I’m an older boy who is looking for someone who doesn’t expect me to do very much… you see I’d much rather spend most of my time snoozing the day away, get up for a snack, a bit of a wander and then back to bed again. In fact, what you need me for is making sure your couch doesn’t fly away, I’m a  professional couch ornament! What I’m looking for is a quiet home where I can spend my retirement years, preferably without any young whipper snappers. I love belly rubs, roaching, any kind of chicken snack -Mc Nuggets will make me putty in your hands (but I’m only supposed to get those as a sometimes treat – how rude!) If you think your home is the perfect retirement village for me get in touch with the volunteers

  • DOB: 21.4.08
  • Desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption Cost $350
  • Cat Tolerant: No
  • Other Dogs: Best as an only dog
  • Child Friendly: No children
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