Bandit (homed)

Bandit has found his forever home with Paula and family!

This gorgeous boy who goes by the name Bandit was never raced and adopted as a puppy. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances his owner had to find him a new home so here he is! Doesn’t he look stunning in these pictures? Mira, who took them said “Bandit is very quiet, very gentle and very patient with my jumpy puppy Basil (yes, the blue puppy greyhound!) Everytime I bent down to try to take a picture, he came towards me…all he wanted was a hug.” Awww!

Bandit is in foster care with Anne in Sydney, says the following:

“Sweet Bandit, true to his name he will softly steal your heart…. and then the lounge! He is a blue and white boy who is six years old and has always lived as a pet. He combines the good greyhound traits with the soft playful friendly nature of a pet. His other great loves are going to the dog park and playing with the other dogs and fetching the ball. He is great with other dogs big and small but really loves meeting people when we go to the park.

Bandit has been having a bit of r&r living with my two greyhounds and my lovely medium sized mutt. He has fitted in well with them and if very respectful of them.

The time has come for Bandit to think about his future, it could be with a family with older childern or a single person. What is most important is that he finds someone who would appreciate his soft nature and gentle ways. He will love to share the lounge with you for a cuddle, like any typical greyhound! Bandit is looking for his forever someone…could that be you?”

Bandit is:

* 6 years old

* desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated

* located- Sydney

* adoption costs $300

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Angel (puppy) (homed)

Angel has found her forever home with a lovely couple, Alex and Darran and another greyhound puppy Finn.

Meet Angel, an adorable 7 week old blue fawn greyhound puppy who was born with a twisted hock. Due to this, she will not be used for racing or breeding and despite what everyone said – her temp carer refused to out her down and called us.

At this stage we are unsure if her leg will require future vet treatment however her leg is not bothering her at all and she had been playing happily with her litter mates. Angel has recently arrived however will not be available for adoption until our specialist vet has seen her and we know more about her personality. To date, Angel’s met a few doggies on lead and had good socialisation with them. She is walking, running and playing on her twisted leg, which has actually formed back so it looks just like any other leg. It’s not bothering her and she has full control of it.

We have been very lucky to have Mali Rolph of See Spot Run help puppy train and whoever trials her will be given the training manual to assist and continue with her training.

Angel is a typical puppy investigating everything and acting like a mini greyhound as she does her mini zoomies and goofy sleeping  positions!

If you are interested in giving Angel her forever home please email

You will be sent an application form and the most suitable applications will then go under a house check.

Angel is:

* 7 weeks old (dob 14 Jan 13)

* desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated

* located – Sydney

* adoption costs $300

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Joaney (homed)

Joaney has found her home with Cathy and family!

Joaney was surrendered to Box Hill Vets, who called us for help. This gorgeous little fawn has done no wrong, so how could you say no?

She is a very calm girl and when you’re used to all our boys at kennels, shes a mini at around 25kgs! We will be surprised if Joaney takes a while to get a home – she is a very good natured greyhound who prefers to cuddle than have a zoomie.

Joaney is a very behaved girl on her walks and is wonderfully on the lead. She will make a great companion especially those who prefer a gentle soul.

We would love to hear from you if you can foster or adopt this sweet natured girl. Contact!

Joaney is:

* 7 years old (dob May 05)

* desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated

* located – Sydney

* adoption costs $300

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Lilly (homed)

Lilly after waiting patiently for over a year, has finally found her forever home with Anita, Jason and the little chihuahua Peggie who could not imagine life without her now 🙂 Yay Lilly!

Lilly is a gorgeous shiny black girl who loves routine and her walks. She likes to know her place in the pack so would suit a dog savvy person. She prefers a calm household and shows no interest in children so would suit a home with young adults and up. She is learning to meet and greet dogs sensibly and would need someone who can continue this training, however once she has met the dog she loves the company and currently lives in foster with another grey.

Her foster says the following about her: “Lilly is a beautiful black girl with a trim athletic build despite her love of food. She is wonderful inside the house and lives happily with her foster greyhound sister – sharing the couch and toys as well as her humans. She is very well mannered and learns quickly. Loves her walks and a swim when she gets the chance. She has been attacked by other dogs in the past and needs support when meeting strange dogs outside. She has been assessed by a professional trainer and we have a training program in place to rebuild her confidence.  She is responding well and is now ready to continue this work in her forever family. Lilly responds well to a calm, consistent environment with positive reinforcement and lots of cuddles. She has the waggiest tail and will reward her family tenfold”.

Lilly would suit someone who is really willing to commit for life, because she is so sensitive and she would regress if returned after a trial. She has waited a while now, and surely her time must be coming soon.

Lilly is in foster care in Sydney, she is not cat friendly.

Lilly is:

*  4 years old

*  desexed

*  microchipped

*  vaccinated

*  heartworm yested and treated

*  costs $300

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Nicky (homed)

Nicky has found her forever home up the coast!

Nicky is one of three sweet female greyhounds in Victoria, whos breeding services were no longer required. Thankfully with the help of a greyhound lover called Tracy they have made their way to us here in Sydney, with all the rescues in Victoria full.

Nicky is a little bit shy at first especially around new people but she eventually she comes around when she is given some gentle attention. Once shes settled in with you she becomes a typical affectionate greyhound and laps up cuddles and pats!

Nicky is 7 going on 8 but greyhounds are known to live till 14-15 so Nicky has many more years to come! Nicky has been a mummy to many pups and it’s not fair that her mummy (or daddy!) has taken nearly 8 years to find her. Don’t let her wait any longer and please contact us so she can snuggle into a home of her own.

Nicky is:

* 7 years old (dob Mar 05)

* desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated

* located – Sydney

* adoption costs $300

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Sophie (cat friendly) (homed)

Sophie has found her forever home with Tracey (a different one to the Tracy that helped rescue them!).

Sophie is one of three sweet female greyhounds in Victoria, whos breeding services were no longer required. Thankfully with the help of a greyhound lover called Tracy they have made their way to us here in Sydney, with all the rescues in Victoria full.

Sophie may be an older one but she is an absolute delight. She is a smiley girl who adores attention and always wants cuddles and kisses. Sophie likes to follow people around and would be a great companion for someone who is older themselves and just wants some company.

Don’t let age put you off, greyhounds are known to live till 14-15 and Sophie definately has a lot of life left in her yet. After giving life to over 16 puppies in her time, we think Sophie is well overdue a loving life herself so if you can foster or adopt Sophie please get in touch with us as soon as you can so she can hop out of kennels and onto a couch!

Sophie is:

* 9 years old (dob Feb 04)

* desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated

* located – Sydney

* adoption costs $300

*cat friendly

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Once again we are putting out the call for foster carers in the greater Sydney area for our rescued greyhounds. By going into foster care not only do the dogs have a better life, they learn how to be better happier pets. Some may never have used stairs, heard vacuum cleaners, slept inside on a comfy bed, seen glass doors, had to go out to pee, been given guidance on “good dog manners”…the list goes on.

At present our kennels are full as we have had


If you are able to become one of our foster carers we would be truly grateful. Foster carers really only need 2 main things- the time to give a greyhound some real love and attention (walks, cuddles, good food, comfy bed) and a secure house/yard. If you already have other pets or kids (or not) that’s OK- we can choose a greyhound that will suit your household, if we don’t have a suitable one right now it won’t be long til we do! Please contact us urgently Peter 0412 562 104 or

Help Us Help Them.



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Lady (homed)

Lady Greyhound has found an amazing home with Danielle through Wagga Animal Rescue.

Lady is being fostered in the Riverina region and her foster carer writes the following:

“Lady is approximately 3 years old, lovely girl with a beautiful temperament, loves cuddles and attention. She came to us very timid indicating previous abuse but has slowly opened up and is a much happier dog. She loves walks, walks perfectly on the lead and is good with other dogs.

Lady would be suited to a home which has another quiet dog for her to play with and for company as dominant dogs frighten her. We have given her a lot of training where she is slowly learning to trust people again and will need more training from her new owner. She does not respond well to negative reinforcement and needs people who are patient and kind and have time to spend with her and gain further trust.

Lady would LOVE owners with an active lifestyle, as she loves to run and sprint and is a joy to watch when she is out and about”

If you would like to give Lady her forever home please contact Peter at

Lady is:

* approx 3 years old

* desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated

* located – Riverina NSW

* adoption costs $300

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Jake (cat friendly) HOMED!!!

Jake has found his forever home with foster carer Pheobe and family. Hooray!!!!!!

Jake is a strikingly handsome greyhound who gets on well with everyone and everything that he meets. He is a gentle and laid back boy who is currently being fostered in Sydney with a whippet and enjoys his walks with them.

Jake would be ideally suited to a forever home with another dog and/or children of any age- as like all greys he loves company. He has not actually lived with a cat but showed little interest when shown them.

Jake’s foster carer writes:

‘Jake is very sweet natured, a total softy. He’s great with small kids, and everyone generally. He loves cuddles and being where ever all the people are in the house. He loves his walks and going to the park so he’d need an owner who’s willing to walk him regularly.’

Jake has been on our books for almost 2 years now- which is ridiculous given he is in foster care and gets along with all the important things- kids, cats, humans in general. It’s high time he went to a permanent home.

Jake is:

  • 6 years old (dob Jan 2007)
  • desexed
  • vaccinated
  • microchipped
  • heartworm tested
  • costs $300
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An amazing $7000 raised for Boots’ operation

On Australia Day, Saturday 26 January, we posted the below story about Boots on this website and also our Facebook page. Well the donation tally began to rise  immediately with an incredible number of people donating to help with the operation. There were a few people on Facebook suggesting it was not worth it- that it was better for Boots to be euthanaised.  We found those suggestions upsetting as our policy has and always will be no-kill unless the dog is suffering and there is no other option. Many of our supporters jumped behind us which was comforting.

24 hours into the campaign over $3000 had already been donated and by Wednesday $4800. Several people donated huge amounts- $1000 each from two parties, as well as $500 from another. Whether big or small it all counted and on Thursday we had $6000 in the kitty. Last night (Friday), not quite a week since the Boots campaign began, Peter advised the committee that a staggering $7176.00 had been donated. Enough to cover the operation, the post operative care and even help with another hound’s toe amputation!

Greyhound Rescue is truly humbled by this amazing show of community support and will be forever grateful. Boots operation will take place next week and we will update you on his progress. Once he has recovered he will be looking for a forever human family. I think you can be sure that Boots will always be a very lucky and loved hound.

Thank you all so very much,

Peter and Janet Flann and the Greyhound Rescue committee and volunteers



This is Boots. He is the most gorgeous two year old who was saved by some kind hearted vet nurses who could not bear to see him put down for no reason. Unfortunately, although Boots has had a second chance at life, he still has a big struggle ahead and we are calling on some help, any help, by way of donations to help cover what will be a very hefty vet bill.

You see from X-rays it would appear that Boots had an injury to his hip as a puppy- a fracture that was never treated (no surprise there- clearly this is why he was thrown away). This injury has interfered with the growth plate and as a result Boot’s two thigh bones are 4cm different in length- which has caused extra stress on his hip. As a result of this his hip is worn out and he needs a replacement. Remember, poor old Boots is only two and a half years old.

Our very kind orthopaedic vet has knocked $500 off the cost of this operation for us and did not charge for the consultation. But we still need to find $6500. Of course there is a cheaper option where they just cut off the head of the femur, which seems to work with little dogs, but it does not sound like a good option for Boots- and in that situation if the operation did not work, amputation is then the only option.

Boots will need 6 weeks recovery, basically in a cage, and we see little option but that he does that with Peter and Janet at home. One of our amazing volunteers Verity has pledged $1000 to start the ball rolling.

I guess we feel like we are always asking for your hard earned money- but as you know we get no funding from the government that supports greyhound racing and the bills just keep on coming. We are not willing to euthanize an otherwise perfectly healthy young greyhound.

If you think you can help us, we would be so “greytful” and so would Boots!

Olimometer 2.52

Any donation can be made into our bank account and use the reference “BOOTS OP”. Please include your name so we can thank you!

The bank account details are:

AccountName: Greyhound Rescue Inc
BSB: 012289
Account No: 524792379

Or you can donate via PayPal:  

Why do we think it’s worth doing? Because we think Boots was made for walking, not hopping, that’s why!

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