North Face 50km

A few observant folk have pointed out that I’ve never got round to posting a final update on running the North Face 50km trail run back in May.  So having just obtained a few pics of the event I thought I’d let my kind supporters know how it went… and THANK YOU of course for all the great support! It’s raised over $2,000 for the guys at Greyhound Rescue and I know they were extremely grateful for the much-needed cash. So if you’ve got a spare 20hrs or so please read about my day below… and the website’s still open if anyone feels inclined to donate more after reading!!

I was running the North Face 50, a 50km trail run through the beautiful Blue Mountains around Katoomba, as the 2nd of 2 endurance events I signed up to this year (the first being the 3 Peaks 235km cycle around Falls Creek). Having run a lot of trails around Sydney’s Northern Beaches in the build up to the event I was under no illusions about just how much effort was involved running that distance with so much climbing (over 2000m!)

The morning of the race was glorious- it seemed we were lucky to be getting one of those idyllic clear, crisp (albeit a little cold first thing) Blue Mountains days. Having eaten my porridge and chia seeds (secret weapon and energy source of the Incas- they’re still going strong, right?!) and prepared my food for the run (bananas, dried figs, mashed sweet potato, and some dodgy home-made energy bars- mmmm!) Mel dropped me off at the start line in the Fairmont Hotel, Leura, happy in the knowledge that this would be the last time she’d be called on for support duties!

The race kicked off at a respectable 8am, and with the sunshine starting to take the chill out of the air the atmosphere was pretty festive. As we crossed the start line I felt great, a week of very little running before the race had cleared up any niggling aches and pains. As we left the Fairmont gardens to join the first of the day’s trails I got into a solid pace which I knew I could maintain and started to move up through the field a little. Straight away the trail began to narrow, plunging and climbing around the gullies and cliffs edging Leura, an immediate indication of the terrain we’d be facing for the rest of the day.

At this time in the morning the sun was still coming in sideways, making running through the woods both stunning and a little arduous as the rays through the trees led to a constant strobing light and shade effect as we ran. At least this is the excuse I’m going with for what happened next…

Hundreds of kilometres of training, hours and hours of trails without a single mishap, yet despite all of this on the 4th kilometre of running today I failed to notice a tree root, twisting my ankle badly on it, and fell head over heels coming down hard on my knee. I quickly jumped to my feet, rubbed the damned ankle to check it didn’t feel broken, and carried on running. It was immediately sore, and my knee ached with some pretty dramatic blood streaming down my leg. The thought of running 46kms on hilly trails at the best of times is pretty daunting, so this development had really spiced things up!


There were 2 checkpoints- at 11km and 37km, and I thought I’d see if I could make it to the first checkpoint before deciding whether to continue. By about 8kms in my ankle and calf had turned a pretty unpleasant blue colour and was already swollen. At the 1st checkpoint my ankle had swollen to the extent that I had to loosen my trainer, so clearly I had to make a decision. All those miles of training, all those kind donations…

So with a combination of unreasonable optimism, anger at myself, a little stubbornness, and even a little nagging thought that ‘well, dying trying makes for a better story than just giving up’, I decided to go for it.

There was no point in going slowly as that would just prolong the pain, and even stopping for a couple of minutes at the checkpoint had caused my ankle and knee to begin to seize up. Ironically, it was going downhill which hurt the most and I was reduced to a hobble on the serious downhill stages, meaning that I had to make up time going uphill. So began a long day of being passed by people going downhill, only to be re-acquainted with them going up- not the ideal use of energy! The scenery was a fantastic distraction from all the hills, but it was astonishing just how hilly this route was- I honestly don’t remember a single flat bit of track. As we hit 25kms my food was keeping my energy levels up and I was in a near hallucinogenic state which actually felt pretty good (seems that pain and joy aren’t all that far apart!)

Then came the steps. Oh the steps! After a lengthy hill climb from the bottom of the forest valley I was faced with a cliff leading up to Katoomba. The Giant Stairway is an incredible engineering feat of around 1000 steps clinging to the side of the cliff which rises a few hundred metres, and it is a very tough climb, especially after 25kms. At the top I naively thought that was the end of the steps experience…

We reached the 2nd checkpoint at 37kms, I was exhausted but pretty sure I could finish. The checkpoint had loads of food and drinks and a well-meaning medic who insisted on treating my dodgy looking knee. He was quite concerned about it so I decided not to show him my ankle which looked really quite scary by this stage. After a day of eating all the right things to keep me going I spotted a huge box of gummy snakes, bears etc, and concluded the last 13 kms would be completed on a massive sugar-high!

Man I underestimated that last 13 kms- up and down and up the steps we went along the cliffs. Just when you thought you were on the same level as the finish line we’d plunge down another set of steps into another gully. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much colourful language about steps before!

With 6 Hrs 45 mins on the clock I finally crossed the finish line in Fairmont Hotel gardens, Leura- exhausted, slightly delirious, and really quite proud of what can be achieved when you put your mind to something.



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Monty (homed)

“I am being sponsored by Lee! Thank you! Please visit Sponsor a Hound if you wish to sponsor another of my kennel mates :)”

Here is an update from Monty’s foster.

Not only is this chap  stunningly handsome, he has beautiful inside  manners, walks nicely on lead, is completely housetrained, sleeps quietly through the night and  unlike some boys, he doesn’t mark (feel the need to piddle on everything…)  when walking.  He is absolutely wonderful with our children and is a very happy, smiley, relaxed and smoochy boy who just loves to be with people.  He get  along well with other dogs of all shapes and sizes and while he hasn’t  lived with a cat, I believe he may have cat-safe potential (I am going to test  this again this week).  He also loves  fetching balls at the park – which is most unusual for a greyhound!   Monty really is the perfect pooch!  I dearly hope he finds his forever home  soon because he just has so much love to give.

Please contact Dee on 0407211176 if you would like more information.

Monty is:

  • 6 years old (dob April 07)
  • desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • located in Canberra
  • adoption costs $300
  • has not been cat tested
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Millie’s Story

***UPDATE 11/7/14*** 10483138_791534077533858_1499987772392731406_n Do you remember Millie the greyhound puppy who had her paw traumatically amputated before she was surrendered to Greyhound Rescue? Well, the last time we posted she was settling into her new big girl prosthetic and doing fantastic! Sadly, since then – Millie has had to have the little stump amputated (which we all knew was a small possibility) because whomever or however her paw was amputated – it was done in between joints leaving shattered bone, and suspected bone fragments leading to ulcerations at the bottom of her stump. The decision back when she arrived was to leave her amputation be until she was fully grown to see how her stump developed. Now that she is fully grown, it was decided the next step was to amputate to the next joint (in human terms it would be the wrist) so the stump end would be much cleaner and a new prosthesis could be made. Thank you so much to Abbie and the team at Mosman Vet for their time and services on Tuesday when she went in for the stump amputation and a big welcome & thanks to K-9 Orthotics and Prosthetics ( for providing Millie with her new prosthetic! We wish Millie a quick recovery and we will be sure to update you when she is up and running in her new prothetic!   ***UPDATE 23/11/13*** 1472880_674957819191485_1005518850_n Millie is due to be getting her second prosthetic because believe it or not she is already 9 and a half months old!!! The second prosthetic was covered by her donations so thanks to all who donated. Pictures of her in her new one will come as soon as she pops it on   ***UPDATE 24/09/13*** 1240199_642774222409845_1595821715_n To those of you who donated and have followed her story, we thought you might like to see Millie playing in water for the first time ever! Millie’s joy was clear to see! Millie saw Bec, her rehab therapist ( and although she is tense in a few muscles, Bec was happy with her leg and movement. She is doing well in the prosthetic and the skin at end of the foot/stump is becoming harder allowing her to walk around the house without the prosthetic. Thanks again for everyone’s support in her, all this is down to you   ***UPDATE 28/06/13***


Last night our little trooper Millie the greyhound puppy with a missing paw, got her cast made which will be sent to Dogs In Motion for her first prosthetic paw. She will require another or a few as she grows so this will be her first one. Many thanks to Dr Abbie from Mosman Vet who successfully made a cast of Millie’s leg and to the other vets and vet nurses involved. Please see our facebook post for the video: Millie has also been working on her rehabilitation with Bec from Animal Rehab Centre to get ready for the paw. Bring it on we say, Millie is ready!!! ***UPDATE 15/05/13***


Millie has had her skin grafting operation and she is healing well. She had to have a couple of overnighters at the vet to stay crated but she is now home with her foster family. Millie has been in the vets everyday for  bandage change but she handles them all so well. All the vet staff say she is a happy little trooper! A huge thank you to all of you who donated and shared her story. She made it into the Mosman Daily and the Daily Telegraph and will be the first dog in Sydney to receive a bionic prosthetic and the first dog in the country to receive a bionic front paw! Research is still underway but we will keep you all posted on when she receives it and her progress.


Your overwhelming support has warmed all of us here at Greyhound Rescue and has even brought happy tears to her foster carers eyes. She truly deserves the best and she would not have received it, if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you so so much.   MILLIE’S STORY Millie is a 12 week old brindle greyhound puppy. She is a very happy, cuddly, friendly and sweet little greyhound. She loves meeting people, other dogs, kids – you name it. She is truly, a delightful special little girl.


She came to us on the 21st of April with (what we were told) a few toes missing and a story of why that only the fly on the wall will know. A speedy trip to Mosman Vets resulted in a shocking find. What we saw resulted in silence for a minute or so whilst we gathered our senses. We don’t know how, or why this happened to her but there was a fearful assumption that maybe amputation would be the only option. A dog without any pads on their paw means they can never use it again and with a whole leg unable to be used, means carrying a dead weight along.



Dr Abbie Tipler, the membership qualified surgeon who has 3.5 years experience in an orthopedic referral practice, spent time with Millie the next day and thoroughly inspected the paw (or what was left of it) and decided that she could not, and would not amputate little Millie’s leg. Abbie noted that Millie was weight bearing and using it as her dominating paw. To amputate it, would be a huge loss. So off Millie went home with her foster parents and siblings, with a rather large boxing style bandage and no pain killers – she was so high on life!



Millie has been going in every 3 days to get the bandage changed and wound clean whilst Dr Abbie researched her heart out. Yesterday, it was decided she would be going in for a skin grafting operation on Friday the 3rd of May and her trip to the vets for a bandage change is daily until then. Skin grafting is the first step of her recovery with the hope of getting her a prosthetic paw once fully grown. Millie had to be anaesthetised in order for Dr Abbie to remove some heavy scar tissue in preparation for her operation on Friday. The paw has to be completely raw and fresh in order for the skin graft to take.  To help she had a special wet/dry bandage put on.  This must have been awfully uncomfortable and her foster carers soon found out once as the anaesthetic wore off.  With all that yelping…what a world of pain she must have been in. Because the pain never affected her before, we were all surprised it suddenly hurt now. A quick email to the committed Dr Abbie and a phone call later she was prescribed a morphine style tablet. Down it went, but poor Millie continued to deal with a bit of pain maybe due to the much needed wet/dry bandage. Her committed foster dad, Ed stayed up all night comforting her and still had the strength to cycle to his day job the next morning. To date, she has not been in pain since and is still the same happy girl who loves cuddles and kisses.

happy bunny1

Millie did not ask for this start into life, she does not deserve to go through this but she shows no fear or remorse and absolutely loves life. Here is where we have to ask for your help. Mosman Vet will heavily discount the ongoing work for us, but Greyhound Rescue desperately needs to raise $5000. This will cover the vet work and provide her with a prosthetic paw that will allow her to run and enjoy life to the full.  With 28 other and just as deserving, dogs in the kennels, we cannot afford to pay for Millie’s recovery too. Please dig deep or little or even share this post – Millie, her foster carers and all at Greyhound Rescue would really appreciate it. If you have any media contacts, please share this story. The more people that know, the more we can raise and give her the care and the best type of prosthetic paw she needs.

Olimometer 2.52

If you would like to donate towards Millie’s recovery, you can through either PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer.
Thank you so much, in advance.



Direct Bank Transfer

AccountName:  Greyhound Rescue Inc BSB: 012289 Account No: 524792379
Reference: Millie {surname}

NOTE: All donations are tax deductible.

happy bunny2

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Treasure (adopted)

treasure_5425 treasure_5434 treasure_5439

Treasure has found her forever home!

“I am being sponsored by Susan! Thank you! Please visit Sponsor a Hound if you wish to sponsor another of my kennel mates :)”

Treasure, a delightful, small, black greyhound, has just arrived after being dumped in Blacktown Pound.  What a beautiful face with such a lovely, glossy coat. She is just happy to be now waiting for her forever home!
  • dob 1.10.09
  • desexed, microchipped,vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • located in Sydney
  • not yet cat tested
  • adoption cost $300

Please email

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Biddy (adopted)

biddy_5409 biddy_5418
Please sponsor me!
Poor  Biddy thought she had her forever home and for 3 years was happy in that home with her friends the whippet and the cat. However, the family had to move and couldn’t take the dogs, so Biddy is now looking for her new forever home. She is very easy going and is currently sharing a home with some greyhounds, a staffy x and two little dogs, so is very adaptable. She is house trained and walks easily on the lead. Biddy deserves another chance and it would be terrible if she landed back in kennels again. What a beautiful face! She looks so lost.
  • dob 1.2 07
  • desexed, microchipped,vaccinated,heartworm tested and treated
  • located in Sydney
  • adoption cost $300
  • cat friendly

Please email

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Lola (adopted)

Lola is being sponsored by Nina and Luke Piotrowicz.
She is being fostered in Canberra by Dee and family.
If you are looking for an affectionate,
well-mannered greyhound who is gorgeous in every way, you really can’t go
past Lovely Lola!  Lola is house-trained, sleeps quietly through the
night, walks beautifully on lead, perfect around children of all ages (big and
small!) and doesn’t seem to have any bad habits all all – she is pretty much
the perfect pet!  As well as being beautifully behaved, Lola is also a
very pretty, red-fawn, petite girl with glamorous black ‘eye liner’
that puts Cleopatra to shame!   Lola and her ‘Golden Girl’ sisters
Freda and Goldie came into greyhound rescue from an awful past life and
have many scars to show what they have been through. I do hope we can find
the right family to make the next phase of their life much happier!
  • Lola is a Red Fawn
  • dob 1.2.09
  • desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • located in Canberra
  • not yet cat tested
  • adoption cost $300

Please email

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Liz (homed)


Liz1-bmp Liz2-bmp
Liz Gardner is sponsoring Liz!
What a beautiful, calm face this lovely girl has!
Liz is a small quiet black girl who is good with dogs and children and is also cat friendly.
  • DOB 13.11.10, so just 3 years old.
  • Desexed, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption costs $300


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Zorro (homed)

“I am being sponsored by Christine! Thank you! Please visit Sponsor a Hound if you wish to sponsor another of my kennel mates :)”

Zorro is brother to our cat friendly girl Polly. Zorro has not yet been tested so they may make a nice pair, and they do look alike!

All Zorro wanted to do was wag his tail and have a cuddle when he was getting his picture taken!

Zorro, like sister Polly, requires a foster carer. We would love to hear from you if you think you can foster or if you would like a new addition (or 2!!) to your family.

Zorro is:

  • 5 years old (dob 1.1.08)
  • desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • adoption costs $300
  • located in Sydney
  • not yet cat tested
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Beau (homed)



Bozo is a beautiful red fawn boy. He is very easy going and is cat friendly.

He is the brother of Raz, who has already found his forever home.

Bozo is:

  • dob 01.11.2009
  • So is just 4 years old.
  • Desexed, microchipped,vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Cat Friendly
  • located in Sydney
  • adoption cost $300

Please email



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For your diaries! Our next family friendly Trivia Night.

  Trivia Night
a family friendly fundraiser

hosted by

Brian Fairweather


Saturday, 23 November 2013



Forestville RSL

22 Melwood Ave


Great prizes to be won!!! Tickets $30
or $270 for a table of 10 booked in


Tickets include food nibbles.

Bookings to Peter on 0412 562 104 or

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