Hi, I’m Sherlock and I’ve been busy solving the biggest mystery of them all… why I don’t have a home yet! My keen detective skills tell me that if you’ve got loads of toys for me and a well-stocked snack jar, your place might be just the home I’m looking for… and then, well, it’s case closed! All of this investigation work has taught me greyt manners so if you’ve got dogs big or small or even kids, that’s not a problem for me.

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A big thank you to Innopets!

We’d love to thank Innopets for their generous donation of Lickimats and Throbizz balls for our enrichment program.

Paula, the lucky volunteer who got to distribute the toys said “The Lickimats were a hit, Kwazi had a few licks followed by prancing around with the Lickimat in his mouth as if he was showing it off to the world. The other hounds loved them, it kept them occupied and focused until the Lickmats were licked totally clean. The mats proved to be a great enrichment activity for the hounds.”

Enrichment activities are important for our hounds; it keeps their minds active and gives them something to do during the day. If you would like to donate some toys to our enrichment programs please get in touch.

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Photo Submissions for the 2019 Calendar

Call for Photo Submissions for the Greyhound Rescue Australia 2019 Calendar!  Submissions required by Friday 31st August 2018

We would like to get your feedback and photo contributions to produce next years Greyhound Rescue calendar.

We have produced a Greyhound Rescue calendar for the last six years and we would really like to know what you think of what we have done to date.  Please tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any suggestions or ideas you might have.  Should we change it or do you want more of the same?  Please email your feedback to

If you would like to submit any photos we would welcome your contribution.  You can email your photos to or via file transfer solution such as OneDrive, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.

Do you think your Greyhound is pin-up material? Please read on ensure you follow the submission guidelines.

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Misty is an 11-year-old greyhound cross. She has lived with kids and is very gentle. She loves laying around in the sun and sleeping on the lounge is her favourite pastime. She loves walks and loves to be around people.

She has had limited social interactions with other dogs and those that she has been good after initial getting to know.

She is desexed, chipped, vaccinated and heart wormed has regular checks at Abbotsbury Vet. Her current owners want her to be in a home environment as she thinks she is a person.

Her parents have to move and no pets are permitted. If you think you can help this gorgeous girl find a home and a lounge, please contact us asap.

We urgently need to find her a new home before 30 July.

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Greyhound Rescue are running the City 2 Surf!

Our team are busy training for this year’s 14km City2Surf – they’re running so the greys don’t have to! But if you’re more of a couch potato like our hounds, don’t worry there’s another way you can help! Sponsor our team and help raise much-needed funds for our rescue greyhounds.

If you’re already in training, why not consider running for us? Anyone is welcome to join team Greyhound Rescue and those who raise $150 in sponsorship will get a yellow Greyhound Rescue T-shirt to wear on the day.

There’s still plenty of time to join in.

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A huge thanks to BBC Worldwide

Greyhound Rescue would like to thank the team from BBC Worldwide for its fabulous support today.

This is the second year BBCW has supported Greyhound Rescue’s efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds who can no longer race.

The team from BBCW helped prepare overnight accommodation for volunteers who come from far and wide to help Greyhound Rescue and often face a long drive home after a long day’s work.

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Hi, I’m Lucy – and I know you’ll just love me! I’m what you might call a bit of a pocket rocket. Even though I’m teeny tiny, what I lack in size – I more than make up for in personality! I’m a fun loving gal and I’d have to say that zoomies are my speciality! I just love to run and play, and I definitely have a zest for life. That doesn’t mean I’m not also a world-class snuggler, I’m always up for cuddles too. Being quite the social girl, I get along well with all other dogs – big and small – and kids aren’t a problem for me either.

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Hi, I’m Tamzi – it’s nice to meet you! What’s in a name you say? Well, I was named after a very special lady who does lots of work to help greyhounds in need like me. Now, I do have to tell you that I have a touch of arthritis* in my back legs but the good folk at Greyhound Rescue have offered to pay for the ongoing treatment. I can also tell you, I’m still full of beans, love to play and I’m just a wee little bit cheeky! Now, I love being around people but if you’ve got any of those small fluffy kinds of dogs, they just get me a little bit too excited so best if you don’t have any of those.

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Pam (on trial)

Hi, I’m Pam and I am looking for my forever home! I like to consider myself quite the foodie – my major talent is pinching sniffing out any kind of food, and I’d love it if you let me take on the job of ‘chief taste tester’ in my new home. So, what I’m really looking for is a family that likes to be in the kitchen, or maybe you’re the type of people that love going out for Sunday brunch? I’m definitely down for anything that involves food! But you wouldn’t know it with my petite little frame! I am very affectionate and loving with people but small fluffy dogs get me a bit too excited, so it would be best if my new family didn’t have any of those. Who needs them right? More snacks for me!

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Markie (on trial)

Hey, I’m Markie… but a lot of people call me Markie Mark. I suppose they think that’s funny… but just between you and me I really am looking for my very own ‘Funky Bunch’ to call my own. I’m a laid back kind of guy with a little bit of a cheeky streak, oh, and I just love my toys (even better if they squeak) so I’m hoping my forever home comes well stocked with those (hint hint)! I’m also super friendly, I get along with everyone I meet so if you’ve got a big or small doggy friend for me or even kids, that would be alright by me!

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