Cookie (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)


My name is Choc Chip Cookie – you can call me Cookie – and I am sister to Pearl and Biscuit who have already found their homes. My foster Mummy says that what I really should be called is The Cookie Monster because I LOVE DOGGY COOKIES!!! Cookies….Om nom nom nom nom. Of course, I’m only allowed to eat doggy cookies as a Sometimes Food, most of the time I have regular healthy doggy breakfasts and dinners, and cookies only come out for a reward, like Last Wees Before Bed which I am very good at.  I have been learning to wait while the humans are eating instead of grabbing at food, I couldn’t help myself you see but I am learning these things called Manners.

I have almost learned how to negotiate stairs but I do get stuck halfway sometimes when I forget what to do. I’m new at this, so give me a break ok?  I don’t like Cars very much but I am learning that going in one of them means we are going for Walks and I LOVE them – not as much as cookies though. Maybe if I come to live at your place you can give me a cookie each time I go in the car? For encouragement?

Foster Mummy says I am one of those special houndies that can live with those creatures called Cats. There is one in particular that lives in the house and he is always coming up to smooch me, which I don’t mind at all. I am very good with other doggies, I am currently with other greyhounds and a whippet deerhound cross. On our walks I am ok with whippets and italian greyhounds, but really fluffy dogs give me the pips. Hey, I’m sure you don’t like all kinds of people either do you?!

I’m looking for a family that enjoys lots of snuggles. I have very soft fur and the cutest most velvety ears so I am sure you wouldn’t have any problems wanting to give me lots of pats. And don’t forget it is very important that I go to a family that likes cookies. This isn’t negotiable. As the real Cookie Monster says: “Sometimes Me think what is a friend? and then Me say: Friend is someone to share the last cookie with.” If you think you have the right home for me, a penchant for baking and a full set of cookie cutters then I am the doggy for you. Get in touch with the volunteers at GR”

  • Cookie is:
  • DOB 21.12.10
  • Desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Adoption cost $350
  • Located in Sydney
  • Cats: Cat Tolerant
  • Small Dogs:smaller dog tolerant, some small fluffies not suitable
  • Children: Excellent with children
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Lucy (Homed)

Lucy is in foster in Canberra. This is what her foster family says about her:

“Lucy aka: Lucy Liu, bubba, precious, sweet angel, is a beautiful 2.5 yo fawn/ red haired girl. She has been in foster care for 2 months to assist her in overcoming obstacles preventing her from being a confident young lady. Lucy suffered from extreme anxiety when first rescued and displayed this through various behaviours. She is an intelligent and exceptionally loving girl and has overcome ALL her obstacles.

At present, she lives with 3 other canines, 1 being a fellow grey, and mixes with them well. However, she can be excited with young smaller dogs and needs close supervision to maintain she doesn’t get ‘carried away’. Although, once they’ve established the dynamics, she is happy to leave them be. She has not been cat tested and could possibly fail this so will need a feline free home.

Lucy loves to be loved and a enjoys daily snuggles. She also loves to play and has discovered the joys of splashing in water holes. She eats well, is in good health and recently enjoyed her first manicure.  Walks well on lead although, has realised the exciting action of seeing ducks at the lake and kangaroos on her mountain walk.

Given Lucys’ history, she will need someone that spends time at home during the working week. She would be happy with a doggy companion and will definitely not be suited to being left home alone days at a time. Given her disposition to anxiety, a local adoption (Canberra) would be advisable to enable a gradual transition to her new home environment.

Lovely Lucy will be the love of your life.

Lucy is:

  • 2 1/2 years old
  • Desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Canberra
  • Adoption Cost $350
  • Cats: Not tested but unlikely to be cat tolerant
  • Small Dogs: Needs Supervision
  • Children: Not Tested
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Billy (Homed)

Billy is kindly sponsored by Rogan & Katrina.

“Hi my name is Billy and I am patiently waiting for my forever home. I am a good natured boy and fancy myself a bit of a cassanova. I’m the sort of guy you want to take to the movies and sit in the back row so we can cuddle and smooch…ok , so you can’t actually take me to the movies, but I can do the same thing at your place. Got a sofa? That’ll do! When I’m not busily cuddling I love to play and I love to show off my zooming capabilities when I’m in one of the runs. I walk pretty well on the lead  (you can take the lead ladies I don’t mind) and I’m good for a nap after one of them. I’m very good with kiddies, they are my kind of people – they throw toys for me, don’t mind rolling in the grass, and  getting a bit dirty. There are these things called cats which I get a bit too excited about so the humans reckon I am better off without them. But I heard there are plenty of people that think they are better off not having them in the house either. Are you one of those? You are! Well get in touch with the volunteers at GR and come and meet me, I’m waiting!

  • 3 years old DOB TBC
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Adoption cost $350
  • Located in Sydney
  • Cat Tolerant: No
  • Small dog tolerant: No
  • Child Friendly: Yes
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Coco (Homed)

Coco is kindly sponsored by Nicole & Fiona.


“Enchante I am Coco and I am as sleek and elegant as my namesake! I’m looking for a home that will look past the fact I am “just another” black greyhound and love me for who I am. I don’t know why black dogs aren’t as popular – don’t people know that black goes with everything?! And in any case, your personality is your most vital accessory, and I have a wonderful happy personality if I do say so myself. I’m looking for a family that will indulge me with a warm jacket for the winter (it doesn’t have to be the latest designs as long as it is warm!) a comfy bed and a couch to stretch out my elegant limbs. Greyhounds are the supermodels of the canine world you know – would you like one at your house? You would! Then get in touch with the volunteers”

Coco is

  • DOB
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Adoption cost $350
  • Located in Sydney
  • Cat Tolerant: Not Yet Tested
  • Small Dog Tolerant: Not Yet Tested
  • Children: Not Yet Tested
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Hello, mon petit chou I’m Chanel and I’m looking for my forever home! It doesn’t have to be the most fashionable home around, any warm place with a comfy couch will do, I’m not that fussy. I am an excellent kisser (European style a kiss on each cheek darlings) and I know how to have fun – I’m not afraid of getting my paws muddy in the name of adventure and I’m sure I look stylish while I’m doing it. I was told that at least I had four matching muddy socks, I guess some people don’t know the lengths we go to in the name of experimenting for fashion! Read More »

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Sasha (Homed)

Sasha is kindly sponsored by Laura.


“My name is Sasha and I am a five year old black girl looking for my forever home. I am currently in foster care with a Great Dane called Astro Boy and have met lots of other doggies at my foster family’s house without any trouble. they run a dog friendly B&B and so I am getting very well socialised. I walk well on the lead, and am very gentle for my foster mummy when we go for walkies. I am quiet for most of the day doing what I do best (being a couch potato) but I do like to play with my toys. I would suit various family situations without too much trouble, so if you would like to meet me or know more information get in touch with the volunteers”

Sasha is:

  • DOB 10.5.10
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Adoption cost $350
  • Located in Sydney
  • Cat Tolerant: No
  • Small Dog Tolerant: Yes
  • Children: Yes
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Tubbs (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Tubbs is kindly sponsored by Kendal.


“Hello I’m Tubbs and I’m a little bit shy at first but when you spend some time with me I will reward you with the biggest smile (BTW I’m not tubby I’m as sleek as any other greyhound!) I am looking for a home that might have a kid or two, I love them! And I’m not fazed if you have a cat either. I’m  a lover of  fun times, sleep times, cuddle times, and nosh times. I am told I am a delight and would be welcome in many homes! If you are interested in me contact the volunteers”

Tubbs is:

  • DOB 27.4.11
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Adoption cost $350
  • Located in Sydney
  • Cat Tolerant: Yes
  • Small Dog Tolerant: Yes
  • Children: Yes
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Casper (Homed)

Casper is kindly sponsored by Michele.


“My name is Casper the friendly greyhound and I’ve not long turned a year old! I guess I wasn’t good enough for racing because I found myself at the pound, but lucky for me the good folks at GR took me in. I’m a very huggable smoochy boy and I’m just happy to see anybody at all if they come and spend time with me. I’m quite young and still have some growing up to do but I’m very good natured and I can’t wait until I find a forever home. There are so many of us waiting patiently for the right person to come along and love us and give us a couch in a warm home- if you are interested in fostering or adopting one of us houndies get in touch with the volunteers”

Casper is:

  • DOB 22.2.14
  • Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated
  • Adoption cost $350
  • Located in Sydney
  • Cat Tolerant: No
  • Small Dog Tolerant: No
  • Children: Over 5
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Harry (Homed)

Harry is sponsored by Jordan Rivkin

Are you the Sally that has yet to meet our Harry? Read on…

“I’m Harry. Please don’t get me confused with Prince Harry, I’m far more handsome although I hear he’s a man that likes to have a bit of fun too. I like small humans, big humans, anybody that wants to take me for a walk. I’m very good natured and I’m always good for a smile if you give me a pat or two. What I want to do is make someone feel like they are the most loved human on Earth… you don’t think you could give me that task do you? I’ve got plenty of personality I just need someone to share it with!”

If you would like to take a walk with Harry, or just get some more details about him please contact us directly

Harry is:

  •  3 years old DOB 3.11.11
  • Desexed, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Located in Sydney
  • Adoption cost $350
  • Not yet cat tested
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MacGyver (Cat Tolerant) (Homed)

Macgyver is kindly sponsored by Richard.


“My name is MacGyver and I MacGyvered my way out of death row thanks to some people at a kindly vet clinic. I’m sure it’s because I’m such handsome fellow with a good natured personality to match. Unlike my name sake my paws aren’t too handy with a roll of duct tape, but if you’re ever in a sticky food situation I’d be happy to help you get out of it – I clean up any spills in 3 seconds flat! I don’t even need a swiss army knife for that!  GR has found out my exact birthdate and although I am four, I behave like a pup! I’m looking for a family that will give me the love I so badly want that has been lacking in my life. I have tested cat tolerant in my temporary family’s home and I am socializing very well with lots of other hounds. I walk  quite well on the lead once I settle over my initial excitement, and love to get out and about as all  doggies do. If you’re looking for a houndie that can jerry -rig a bed in half a minute with minimal resources, charm the ladies, and be all round entertaining then I’m your boy. ” For more info on MacGyver or any of our other hounds waiting for a home please contact

MacGyver is:

  • DOB 20.7.11
  • Desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and treated
  • Cat tolerant
  • Small dog tolerant
  • Child friendly
  • Located in Blue Mountains/Sydney
  • Adoption cost $350
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